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Sponsored Review: Soufeel Christmas Collection

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about some of the gorgeous charms from the Soufeel Christmas Collection! I have talked about Soufeel previously but I cannot express how excited I was when Soufeel contacted me to ask if I would like to review some of their Christmas Charms! I love getting festive, and this is just another way I can express how much I love Christmas! ^ ^
 All the charms came safely packaged in these little snaplock bags inside the velveteen cushioned box.
 They also sent me another of their standard bracelets.
The charms come inside this super cute box, and they also include a little gift bag in the package if you want to package the bracelets up nicely as gifts!

If Christmas is your favorite holiday, or you love collecting unique bracelet charms, this is a must-have set for you. Our Sleigh and Reindeer Set in .925 sterling silver is such a magical design. The front charm is a smiling reindeer with a crystal-accented harness that shimmers and shines so elegantly. The second charm is the big man himself, ol’ Saint Nicholas, AKA, Santa, being pulled around in his festive sled with a bag full of gifts. A holiday charm set like this would also make for a great gift for Christmas lovers in your life. They will be blown away when they see what a thoughtful and sweet gift you got for them. Match this with everything from lovely snowflake charms, to Christmas tree charms.
The first charms I chose were the Sleigh and Reindeer set! These are absolutely adorable and I find it hilarious how chubby the reindeer is! The Santa has a little bit of a death stare in the first photo, but he doesn't look nearly as sinister in real life.
The Sleigh hooks onto the back of the Reindeer, but of course you can wear them separately if you want to! These are my favourite charms of the bunch because they're just so cute!
Is winter you favorite season? We don’t blame you. The whimsical snow, sipping hot chocolate by the fire and all of the family time we get to have during the holidays, all hold a special place in our hearts. Capture those cozy moments with our Snow-covered Log Cabin. It’s a super sweet design that features a log cabin with snow on the roof, a pine tree, bow accented wreath and a smiling snowman. When you slip this log cabin charm bead on, you’re going to be filled with the holiday spirit. Wear this and get a matching one for a loved one who you share all of these special and unique memories with. The two of you will feel connected everyday when you slip it on.
The snow-covered log cabin is very sweet, and really detailed! This is the biggest charm that I chose and does tend to make my bracelet sag a little, but it's just so festive!

Snowman - $40.00
The holidays are filled with cheer, love and happiness. Why not mark this wonderful time with our .925 sterling silver Snowman charm bead? It’s quite the whimsical design that is wonderful for all ages, which makes for quite the versatile gift-giving option as well. This snowman charm bracelet bead has an elegant top hat, coal black eyes, a carrot nose, striped scarf, stick arms and a rounded belly. Wear this snowman charm on its own for a minimalistic look, or mix and match it with everything from snowflake charms and Christmas tree charm, to log cabin charm, snow bear charms and so much more. The possibilities for this winter-themed bead will seem endless when you see it in person. Happy shopping everyone! 
The Snowman is definitlely my second favourite of the charms, it's really adorable and big enough to be detailed, but small enough to fit on the bracelet nicely.

Looking for a fabulous Christmas gift for a loved one? Then you are going to love how special Soufeel bracelet charms are. Spotted here is our Christmas Stocking bead. There are so many wonderful things about it from the snowflake design and rich blue hue, to the gifts peeking out from the top and the sweet candy cane perched on it. Not only is it a super cute and sweet accessory, but it works well for all ages, so we can see it being gifted to a mother or a young niece in your life. A Christmas stocking charm would also be a great way to mark special holiday memories that you have experienced and would like to hold close to you everyday. Pair this sterling silver charm with everything from Christmas tree beads and Santa beads, to present charms and snow-themed charms. 
The little stocking is so cute, I never had Christmas stockings as a child because we had Santa Sacks instead (waves of nostalgia right now!) but it doesn't make it any less adorable. This is the smallest charm!

Those who have the Christmas spirit in them are going to love accessorizing with our Christmas Stockings Charm in .925 Sterling Silver. You don’t have to wear this designer charm only during the winter season. You can wear it all year round if you choose to! After all, who doesn’t love thinking about Christmas? This design has a tiny stocking that is made up of a lovely sterling Silver. The polish on it is beautiful and it has been engraved with a cute little snowflake. For a pretty hit of color and glamour, the top of the stocking has been set with lovely red stones. They have been cut to reflect and sparkle in any light. Snatch one up for yourself, or one for a Christmas loving friend in your life.
The last charm is a second stocking! This one is really cute too, and has these little dangly beads hanging off the back with rhinestones around the top.

What I Love
- Super cute charms
- Cheap bracelets
- Usually have some sort of sale on
- Quick shipping
- Well packaged to give as gifts

What I Don't Love
- Small imperfections on charms
Final Thoughts
As with last time, I really like these charms! I think it's a brilliant gift for someone who wants Pandora, but doesn't want the full price tag of Pandora because you can add any Pandora charms to this bracelet too. I know personally I didn't want to splash out and buy Pandora or even the Michael Hill version because I just couldn't justify it, and thought that the bracelet would look so lonely with one little bead, so these are a great alternative, and there are some super cute charms too!

Thank you so much to Soufeel for sending these for review! ^ ^ 


  1. Oh these are so cute! I'm glad to find an alternative to pandora, I just cannot afford those prices :3

    1. Omg neither, they're so expensive! People always assume these charms are from Pandora and I just don't correct them hehe ><


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