Thursday, 3 December 2015

Review: SNP Animal Masks

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the SNP Animal Masks! I only have one of each of the animal faces, so I guess this should technically be put in the "First Impression" section, but I thought that these would make amazing stocking suffers for Christmas so I decided to rearrange my scheduled for December to fit this in early! ^.^

 Animal Otter Aqua Mask
"This unique and adorably cute face mask delivers superior hydration to dry, flaky skin with its rich blend of baobab extract and hyaluronic acid. This makes the skin more supple and healthy-looking while also providing its proper nutritional needs. This mask also contains Lotus extract which helps soothe and calm dry, irritated skin. Dry skin is usually prone to daily damage that’s why this mask also provides an extra layer of moisture to protect the skin against daily exposure from UV rays, airborne chemicals and pollution."(1)
These masks are absolutely adorable! My nose bridge is a little high for this mask to sit and have the patterns line up, but you get the gist of it anyway! These masks are absolutely drowning in serum which is great value for money. I found that this Otter Aqua Mask was super hydrating and it left a very dewy look and sticky feel to my skin. The stickiness was manageable after I applied my moisturiser and my skin still felt smooth and hydrating when I woke up in the morning! It had a sweet floral scent which I really enjoyed, I would definitely grab more of these for the winter season where my skin is super dry!
 Animal Tiger Wrinkle Mask
"This unique and adorably cute face mask effectively strengthens the skin for it to be able to be more immune to alleviate damage caused by the the environment's harsh elements. It is specially formulated with fruit and herb extracts that promote elasticity and firmness of the skin. It completely rejuvenates exhausted skin to diminish dullness in the skin. Not only does this firm the skin, but it also supplies proper hydration to the skin."(2)

I was expecting this mask to plump up my fine lines, but re-reading the product blurb it looks like this mask is more firming and strengthening rather than plumping. I did quite like the mask though, the Tiger face goes with the Kitty headband! ^.^

Animal Panda Whitening Mask
"This unique and adorably cute face mask has mulberry extract as its key ingredient. Not only does this mask add fun to the typical skincare routine, but it also enhances the skin’s complexion, making it fairer and more even. Its special formula of mulberry, pomegranate and niacinamide improves the skin’s condition by evidently supplying proper nutrients while also balancing the skin’s normal hydration levels."(3)
This mask had a super refreshing citrus scent! I left this mask on for a little longer than the recommended time and it actually dried up on my face which was kinda really weird. I thought that this mask did brighten my skin a little, though it definitely wasn't as hydrating as the Otter Aqua mask which is designed to hydrate.
 Animal Dragon Soothing Mask
"This unique and adorably cute face mask effectively soothes irritated skin caused by allergies or acne breakouts. Not only does this mask add fun to the typical skincare routine, but it also calms redness and hyperpigmentation with its gentle anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients such as tea tree oil, green tea extract and rosemary extract. This mask helps strengthen the skin while also detoxifying it to be able to prevent further damage caused by the environment's harmful elements."(4)
I used this mask when I was experiencing some skin issues involving a rash around my chin, (not sure what from, but it's most likely stress since it's 3 days before my final recital currently) and I did find that it was quite soothing, but I didn't see many other immediate benefits from using this mask. This mask had a really pleasant citrus scent and like the Panda mask, the Dragon mask does dry out after about 15-20minutes.

What I Love
-SNP donates a portion of their profits to Korea Animal Protection Society
- Uhh, animal faces on masks?
- Most masks work as intended
- Fit well to my face barring the nose
- Tons of excess essence

What I Don't Love
- Not all masks work that well
- Drys out quickly, need to spoon more essence on

Final Thoughts
I really quite like these face masks! I knew that I would be a little pre-disposed to liking them because really, who can resist animal face masks that have skin care benefits!? Skintertainment at it's finest. I find that they work well enough, though some are definitely better than the others. There is tons of excess essence in the packets, though it is a little bit of a hassle to spoon it back onto your face with the mask on, but it stops the mask from drying out so quickly. They stay on my face nicely although the nose is a little tight, so I'm satisfied with the fit for me personally! They're super fun to use though, I'll definitely be buying the full packs to see if they work better long term!

I would recommend these masks to any Princesses that love some good Skintertainment, or as a stocking stuffer or alternatively as a Secret Santa gift idea! I mean, who doesn't want an animal face mask? ^.^


  1. I have a great need for that Otter mask! I think I'm going to be poor at the end of this month, because I'm also buying something from yesterday's post, too!

  2. Sick and tired of wrinkled skin?
    The ChinUp Mask uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you all the benefits of a surgical facelift without the expense and pain of lengthy medical procedures.


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