Friday, 29 November 2013

Review: Hanskin Silky Treatment BB Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about Hanskin's Silky Treatment BB Cream! I bought this BB Cream while on Holiday in Taipei in 2012, and out of the (literally) hundreds that I swatched, this was one of the only BB Cream's that was pale enough for me! Luckily for me, it was also one of the more affordable BB Creams, and was only $20(NZD) for two bottles! ^^ 
"An essence-type BB cream drenches skin with generous moisture to soften skin and leave it wonderfully smooth and supple, with a noticeable radiant glow. Easy to spread essence formula delivers rich moisturizers to nourish and hydrate skin. Use as the last step of your skin care routine. Apply powder or foundation to reinforce your beautifully fair and flawless look."

This BB Cream has very high protection at SF 50, although there are arguments that products with SPF higher than 30-40 are pointless. The Silky Treatment BB Cream focuses on adding moisture to the skin, making it a great choice for those with particularly dry skin. Since I have combination skin with an oily T-zone but dry cheeks, this BB cream is somewhat of a risk for me!
The colour looks drastically different compared to my face colour, but it's very similar to my my neck and body colour.

This BB Crean has fantastic full coverage, it covers my pores and the majority of my acne scars! I like to mix this BB Cream with a moisturizer for lighter coverage during the days where I want a more natural look.

This BB Cream is a lovely pale warm (yellow) toned BB Cream. It appears slightly greyish at first (usual with Asian BB Creams) but soon warms up to my skintone. It's slightly darker than the Missha BB Creams, (Signature Complete and Perfect Cover) but more warm toned in comparison, so it suits my skintone better!

Very thick! But still very nice and easy to work with! ^^

Oil Control
This BB Cream tends to get a little oily after the 6 hour mark around my T-Zone just like most BB Creams and Foundations for me. It's definitely manageable with the use of blotting paper and a setting powder so for me, not a problem at all.

It has a very medical/chemical scent, which is not entirely unpleasant and fades within a minute!

Lasting Power
This BB Cream has great lasting power! It does get oily in my T-Zone, but it doesn't slip off my face in the heat or deteriorate after time, and is easily fixed by blotting paper and setting powder.

Things I love
- Pale yellow colour
- Full coverage
- Doesn't break me out
- Lasts well
- Leaves my skin feeling nice after removal

Things I don't love
- Not readily available in NZ (although it's unlikely I'll run out!)
- Not made for oil control

Final Thoughts
I actually really love this BB Cream and I'm glad that I bought two! It's one of my go to BB Creams when I want comfortable full coverage without feeling like I have heavy make up on. If you can find it, I would totally recommend giving it a try! ^^

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Manicure Monday: Candy Cane

Hello Princesses!

Today is not Monday, but Tuesday! So Manicure Monday is totally inaccurate for today, but I didn't have time to do this last night, so please forgive me! ^^ I had to cut my nails down to nubbins again, so I chose to cover them all in glitter!!
For this Mani I used Color Club's Candy Cane. It's so sparkly and cute, every time I see my nails it makes me happy even though they are super short!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Manicure Monday: Rose Gold

Hello Princesses!

This Monday I'm wearing a super cute, sparkle-tastic manicure featuring ILNP's Ginger Spice Latte and another style of water decal!
This water decal sort of failed too, >< I didn't realize it was transparent (unlike the previous one) so you can see the glitter through the rose. You can't see it so much from a distance, but it just looks a little weird in the photo! I still love the mani though, it looks super sparkly and it makes me very happy! ^^

Friday, 15 November 2013

Review: Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream, in the shade No.13, Milky Beige! This review is going to be extremely similar to the Missha Perfect Cover Bb Cream review, because, well, they are just very similar!
I bought this straight from the Missha store in Auckland way back before I knew the joys of online shopping! This is the first products that I felt I HAD TO HAVE. I'm sure you guys are well aware of that feeling when you test or try something and instantly just have to buy it. It cost me an arm and a leg at $45 (yes I'm aware I can buy it for $20 online) but in my opinion it was totally worth it a year ago, and I would still pay $45 for another one today!
The colour is almost identical to the Missha Perfect Cover Bb Cream. For a side by side comparison check out my BB Cream Swatch-a-thon! says;

Signature Complete BB Cream

A premium line of BB Cream that contains Skin Lipid that soothes and stays with perfect coverage effect and UV protection (SPF25 PA++)
+ Whitening + Wrinkle cure functions.

  Skin Friendly Ingredient
A skin friendly ingredients, Skin Lipid and peptided Amino Acid Complex strengthen skin's natural moisturizing fact (NMF) and balancing oil and moisture of the skin. 

Perfect Coverage for 12 Hrs
Fine particles created by Micro multi rolling grinding technology and skin melting botanical ingredients perfectly adheres to the skin. Keeps the even skin tone for up to 12 hours and perfectly covers blemishes and flaw in light application.

Less Irritation Contains organic Natural heeling complex certifued by ECO-CERT of Europe and free of 7 harmful factors to less irritate the skin.

Moisturized base makeup
Contains skin regenerating Peptide complex, skin soothing anti oxidant Ginko leaf water and other 50 botanical complex to provide abundant moisture and nutrition to skin.

Fantastic! It's very buildable and not too heavy (mask-like) nor too light (tinted moisturizer). If I wore concealer on my blemishes you wouldn't be able to see them at all, but for review purposes I just used the BB Cream. It does have a dewy finish, but when finished with a translucent powder it doesn't look oily, but does maintain the glowy look.  

It's a pretty neutral colour which is great! No.13 is the palest shade Missha make and it's a good match for me.


The texture isn't super thin, or super thick and spreads out easily. If I want light coverage I can use my fingers, or I can use a brush for heavier coverage. It has such a lovely, easy to work with texture
   Oil Control
Not too bad! It does tend to get a little oily around my nose, but my chin and forehead are just fine. It definitely has a glowy/dewy finish, so be aware that if you don't want to look too dewy you will need a finishing powder.

Very much like sunscreen! Since I quite like the sunscreen scent this doesn't bother me at all.

  Lasting Power

Good! The colour doesn't oxidize too much and it doesn't really wear off. Because of the dewy finish it does tend to get a little oily around my nose after 5 hours, but this is easily fixed with blotting paper and translucent powder.
Does it do what's promised?

I'm very skeptical about the Perfect Coverage for 12 hours claim. I've worn it for 12 hours, and although it does degrade slower than regular foundations, it is far from perfect! I haven't seen any whitening of my skin or any of the claimed anti-aging, but it does provide great coverage!

Things I Love
  Good coverage
Decent oil control and lasting power
Easy to apply 

Glowy finish without being too oily
 Pale enough for my skin tone
SPF and PA++
Pleasant Scent 
Makes my skin feel great!

Things I don't Love  

Ever so slightly pink toned
Mid range price (not dirt cheap)
Not available locally 

Final Thoughts 
I absolutely adore my Missha BB Creams! Finally there is a BB Cream that is pale enough for me to wear without looking like I've had an accidental spray tan on my face (I kid you not, someone asked me if I had spray tanned my face once) I love that the finish is glowy without being too oily. I would happily pay $40 for another bottle after I finish this one! 

If you're wondering why the Missha Perfect Cover Bb Cream review and the Missha Signature Complete review are so similar, it's because they really are very similar products! They are so similar, I think I may have to do a side by side comparison and review! What do you princesses think?
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