Thursday, 17 December 2015

Review: Anna Sui Eye Color Palette

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Anna Sui Eye Color Palette!
"Anna Sui Eye Color Palette is a luxurious collection of eye shadows which create alluring looks.

Featuring a wardrobe of satin, shimmering and glittery finishes, Eye Color Palette offers highly pigmented, rich colour in mesmerising shades which will take you from day to night with ease and sophistication.

Complete with highlighting and contouring shades, Eye Color Palette also features seductively smoky hues and playfully bright colours. Paying homage to Anna SuiÉs love of baroque styling and the symbolic effect the rose has on womenÉs beauty, Eye Color Palette is a true collectorÉs piece and is sure to be a Beauty Bay best-seller.

Eye Color Palette also features a double ended brush for application on the go whilst the highly pigmented, luxurious formulas can be applied wet or dry and can be blended to a seamless finish."(1)

This palette comes packaged in the absolutely gorgeous Anna Sui style rose packaging. The actual palette feels like it's made of cardboard and honestly feels a little cheap, almost like I could break it! 
This palette comes with a dual sided brush that has the typical sponge applicator on one side and a fluffy brush on the other side. The fluffy side is actually really great quality for a brush that comes in a palette
This palette comes with 10 gorgeous colours of eyeshadow with various glitters and shimmers, but also various quality and consistency. Most shades are super buttery and delicious, but some are dry and chalky.
The choices of colours are quite interesting, they are mostly everyday colours but there are a couple of adventurous colours there too!
The first shade in the palette is white. This shade is super bright and shimmery.
The second shade is a frosty champagne colour. This shade has a very lacklustre colour pay-off and is almost invisible on the lid.
The third shade a mid toned pink with yet another frosty finish. I don't like to use pink shades on my lids so I tried to use this as a blush. Big mistake, it looks terrible! Frosty finish blushes are not good for my skin! This shade needs two or three layers to build up a visible colour on the lid.
The fourth shade is a gorgeous frosty taupe shade. This one has a lovely buttery consistency and is very vibrant on the lids. It's a great neutral colour for everyday wear!
The fifth shade is a warm pumpkin bronze colour. I'm struggling to differentiate between all the browns, but this is definitely the most orange brown in the palette! It's very buttery and vibrant even without a primer.
The sixth shade is a a golden brown. This one is also really buttery and vibrant, it's super shimmery!
The seventh shade is a smoky purple. This shade is another shimmery shade and another that I don't use. I much prefer neutral shades for my eyes!
The eighth shade is a cool toned brown. This is another buttery, vibrant shimmery shade. It's a great neutral tone, though I would have preferred this one in particular to not have shimmer.
The ninth shade is a deep khaki green with gold glitter. This shade is really gorgeous, the gold glitters really pop in the light!
The tenth and final shade is a matte black with silver glitter. This shade in particular is quite difficult to work with because the black is so chalky! The silver glitter is quite intense too, though if you blend it to death you can flick most of the glitter off (this could be great or terrible!).
Like I said previously, I prefer to use neutral shades for my eyelids, so I use this palette for two eyeshadow looks. The first is using the warmer tones in the palette. I used shade #2 on the lid and inner corner (can barely see it) shade #5 in the crease and shade #4 in the outer V.
The other eye shadow look is using the cooler toned colours. I used shade #1 in my inner corner, shade #4 all over the lid and shade #8 in the crease and outer V. I honestly rarely wear eye shadows because they feel quite intense for every day life!

What I Love
- Very rose scented (this could be good or bad)
- Most shades are great quality
- Great range of shadows

What I Don't Love
- Some dud shades
- Black shade is a little hard to blend
- Quite expensive (around $60NZD)

Final Thoughts
Though I do think that this is a good eye shadow palette, it's just not quite right for me. I usually just wear neutral shades because I'm actually not very good at eye shadow, and I don't wear eye shadows very much in my everyday life anyway. I think that most of the shades in the palette are great quality, they are mostly very buttery (almost rivalling the UD Naked Palette in softness) but there are four shades that just don't cut it for me (#1, 2, 3 and 10). It is quite an expensive palette at around $60NZD so it's a little bit of a regret purchase for me because I just never get any use out of it!

I would recommend the Anna Sui Eye Color Palette for any Princesses that are looking for a very shimmery and glittery palette that smells heavily of roses! ^.^


  1. I love shimmer eyeshadow.. But I don't like the price.. ;)

  2. The shades are pretty, but it seems to be a bit overpriced


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