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Hello Princess, welcome to my blog! ^.^
My name is Becca, and I'm a 20 something year old from a little place called New Zealand. I'm a part-time blogger and a full time music student on the quest for the perfect pale foundation!

On my blog you will find reviews on circle lenses, cosmetics, nail polish, store reviews, the odd tutorial and adventures of my everyday life. I'm always open to recommendations, so if you think there is a product out that there that I should try, please let me know!


Is your real name Becca?
- No, but it is my middle name (Rebecca) and nickname. I prefer to blog under the pseudonym Becca to separate my blogging life from my "real" life.

I think I know your first name ...
- That's great, but please call me Becca here (:

How old are you really?
- 20 something!

What best describes your skin tone?
- Very very pale and warm/yellow toned. If MAC made pale foundation, I would probably be NC10 or NC05. NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia is almost perfect (slightly darker than perfect). Check out my Pale Product Swatches to see some of my favourite pale foundation and BB creams!

Do you accept sponsorship?
- Yes! See my Sponsorship and Disclosure Policy at the bottom of the page!

Where else can I follow you?
- Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Tumblr - Bloglovin' - Pinterest 

Why do you always call people Princesses? It's so lame.
- Because I think everyone is a Princess (whether they like it or not!) ^.^


Sponsorship and Disclosure Policy

Little Porcelain Princess accepts advertising in the form of Text Ads, Sponsored Posts, and Sponsored Giveaways. This blog is something I actively maintain because I truly love it, but it does cost money for products, bandwidth, etc. Because of this, I retain the right to run ads at my discretion. If you ever see an ad which you find offensive, please screen-cap it and then contact me.

This blog is PR friendly! I will accept products, services, travel, events, etc., from businesses, companies, and organizations — small and large — for consideration. If a product is provided to me, it does not guarantee feature or review on my blog as I reserve the right to determine what I feature on my blog. If I write about a product, I will provide my honest and unaffected opinion. I believe in disclosure and as such I will state when products were sent for consideration & not purchased with my own funds.


Contact Information

For any enquiries, send me an email at - Littleporcelainprincess@gmail.com 


  1. Do you have a current skincare routine? my skin type is similar to yours.

    1. Hello Sunshine! At the moment I'm favouring The Body Shop's Tea Tree cleanser (both the creamy cleanser and the foaming cleanser), Trilogy Rosehip Oil, Balancing Lotion and Night Cream! I find that the tea tree stops me from breaking out while the Rosehip helps keep my skin nourished but not oily ^.^ I hope this helps!

  2. Hello, you might like Estee Lauder's double wear in 1C0 shell (it's hard to find but they do stock it in some countries in that colour) as it's their palest colour or some of illamasqua's stuff as it's cruelty free for pale skin

  3. I just discovered your blog and I already love it. I love how you test out many different products and show detailed pictures, along with pros and cons. I am also looking for a perfect pale BB cream or foundation that doesn't flake off, so I'll be following your blog as I go on my quest too! Thanks for your posts!

  4. Hi hello little princess. I just stumbled into your blog. I think you're very cute. Just want to recommend an Irish lady's blog to you, who also has porcelain complexion as you do. There's her blog. http://johnitsonlymakeup.ie/


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