Saturday, 26 December 2015

First Impression: Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream and CC Sun Base

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream and CC Sun Base! I'm always intrigued with CC Creams, and these CC Creams are both supposed to colour correct as well as perform other duties including whitening, moisturising and sun protection!
I was pleasantly surprised with how light these CC Creams were! But I was also a little apprehensive at how much coverage and colour correcting they would supply!
Banila Co It Radiant CC Sun Base
What Does It Do?
Banila Co It Radiant CC Sun Base SPF50+/ PA+++ 30ml

Lightweight tone correcting UV sun base. Natural coverage, protects skin, comfortable fitting. Non-sticky, lightweight but decent moisturizing.

How to Use
After apply basic skin care, First step of make up apply right amount evenly onto face until the color change to beige color."(1)

I was really interested to see that this CC Cream definitely brightened my skin, but it looked much pinker rather than beige, which does not suit my skin tone at all. I was expecting this colour correcter to help some of my acne scarring, but it mostly seemed to lighten the un-scarred skin.
It does tend to sit in my pores a little, but it looks quite nice with a more yellow powder over top! I find it a little too hydrating for my skin if I use it in combination with a BB Cream, but a powder works just fine! I don't find that this CC Cream has many more benefits than my regular moisturiser aside from brightening.

Banila Co It Radiant CC Cream
What Does It Do?
All skin type, Whitening, moisturizing, color controling base, "" It radiant CC cream "". Its eco-herb water complex moisturizes and purifies the skin and keep skin tone even & smooth. It revives skin's natural radiance and liveliness.

How to use
Release appropriate amount after basic skin care.
It is recommended to apply before makeup as an alternative of makeup base for more dramatic effect."(2)

This CC Cream is a little more suited to my skin! It doesn't quite have as much coverage as the Sun Base so it lightens my skin by a shade to match my neck, yay! I did try this with a BB Cream over the top, but it didn't make any difference to the colour or consistency of the BB Cream, it just made it a little too hydrating for my semi-oily skin. I don't think it colour corrects at all, but it makes a lovely tinted moisturiser!
Would I Purchase This Product?
I would consider getting the It Radiant CC Cream, but not the CC Sun Base. I thought that the CC Sun Base was a little too pigmented for me to wear alone, and too hydrating to layer with other base products other than one powder I own so it's not to versatile. I quite liked the regular CC Cream, but I feel like it is just like a great moisturiser or make up base because it doesn't really colour correct, which is what a CC Cream is supposed to do! However, it does make my face match my neck which is a blessing for me, though I can see it making faces looking a little ghostly if your face is not darker than your neck. I hope that makes sense! ><

I would definitely recommend these CC Creams to any Princesses looking for a lovely hydrating make up base, but not looking for any colour correcting.

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