Monday, 31 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Parfait Day

Hello Princesses!

Today I have a super sweet Barbie Girl Manicure! I'm trying to use everything from my Born Pretty Haul a couple of weeks ago and this week I wanted to create a manicure with one of the little cutesy pink bows!
I used Lime Crime's Parfait Day, Zoya's Godiva for the polishes and the pink bow is of course from Born Pretty Store! I wish that I had a cute sparkly silver polish, or a brighter and more glittery gold, but I still think it looks pretty cute! ^.^

What do you princesses think?

Friday, 28 March 2014

First Impression: TonyMoly I'm Real, Tea Tree Sebum and Pore Lotion

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly I'm Real, Tea Tree Sebum and Pore lotion sample! I feel like I should just name this First Impression series First Impression Friday because they always happen on a Friday! ><

What Does It Do?

- Natural Emulsion For Acne-prone Skin Type
- Tee tree leaf extract calms greasy skin and pores
- Keep moisture & oil balance 

Main ingredients
- Fair trade Argan oil
- Natural ingredients 90%
- Mineral water 20,000mg
- 9 No Added Formula (Parabens, talc, triethanolamine, benzyl alcohol, sulfate-based surfactants, propylene glycol, mineral oil, benzophenone, artificial colors FREE)

How to Use
After using toner, apply proper amount and spread evenly. (1)
I only had one of these samples, but I was really intrigued by this product! It has a very thin watery texture that spreads easily, absorbs super fast and has a soft matte finish. This does smell a lot like Tea Tree, so if you can't stand the smell, then I would stay away from this product!

I didn't see any difference to my skin in terms of pore size or sebum production, but the lotion didn't make me any oilier than I would usually get. I don't really expect to see any results after using a product three times anyway!

Would I Purchase This Product?

I would love to try the full size of this lotion! It's fairly inexpensive at around $20NZD, absorbs quickly and isn't sticky, plus it has a soft matte finish. Personally, I didn't see any difference to my pores or sebum, but after one sample packet I would have been amazed if I did! It looks like this I'm Real range comes with a whole bunch of Lotions and toners too, so I would be interested in trying them too since they seem to have relatively natural ingredients that won't trigger my allergies! 

Have any of you princesses tried the TonyMoly I'm Real Skincare line?

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review: Etude House Magic Any Cushion - Magic Pink

(Sponsored Post)
Hello Princesses!

Today I'm reviewing Etude House's newish product; the Magic Any Cushion in Magic Pink! After the huge success I had with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion last month, I was super duper excited to see that Etude House had released colour correcting shades with the same cushion system!
I wanted to post this review last Wednesday, but I've been having issues with my lighting! Usually I just sit in front of my window, but since it's Autumn here now there isn't enough sunlight, so my pictures are looking pretty yellow, so I'm sorry in advance for some yellowish pictures! ^.^

The Magic Any Cushion comes in three shades;

- Magic Pink for Pale Skin
- Magic Mint for Covering Blush
- Magic Peach for Brightening

I chose Magic Pink for two reasons, the first being that I absolutely love anything pink, the second being that the Magic Pink colour was recommended for pale skin! The external packaging follows the same format as the Precious Mineral Any Cushion, but they have a different logo, and of course this packaging is pink!
The product packaging is absolutely adorable! The container and sponge are both soft pink and white in colour, but identical in structure to the Precious Mineral Any Cushion.
The cushion contains the soft pink product. I shoved my whole finger into the sponge again (totally not recommended) so you can see the pale pink product welling up around my finger.
To use the Cushion properly, grab your sponge and press it into the cushion to pick up the product. The sponge is so soft and gorgeous, it's one of the best features of Etude House's Cushion line, because it makes the application of the product so quick and easy!
I swatched the product on the underside of my arm, which people always tell me off for, but honestly it's the same colour as the rest of my body! You can hardly see the product swatch because it's so light and my skin is already so pale ><
The Magic Any Cushion and the Precious Mineral Any Cushion are the same shape and size, just containing different product with a different logo! I know that my Precious Mineral Any Cushion sponge looks kinda filthy (definitely needs a clean) but it does show you how much I actually use the Cushion! 
From what I read from other blog reviews, (because the instructions are useless), I decided to trial this product two different ways! In the first trial I used the Magic Any Cushion as a stand alone face cover, like a foundation.

As you can see from the pictures, the Magic Any Cushion pales my face out perfectly, but doesn't cover any acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation or pores. It has a very dewy finish, (which is totally fixable with a translucent powder if you're not into the dewy look) but it gives me a good, quick colour correct with SPF34 (34?) so it's great for a quick, everyday base.

I quite like using the Magic Any Cushion when I'm in a rush to go somewhere, but don't want to go out bare-faced. The SPF34 is a huge benefit for me, and because of the cushion and sponge method, this is actually the fastest way for me to apply a light base.
The second trial was to use the Magic Any Cushion as a base/colour correcting primer!
Initially this looked fantastic! The Magic Any Cushion gave me a glowy, dewy base that worked really well with the matte foundation (Precious Mineral Any Cushion) and this was seriously the easiest and fastest foundation application I've ever done! However, after 4 hours the foundation started to break down and look greasy, chunky, and gave me pores the size of the craters on the moon.

This combination would be great if I wanted a full coverage and glowy face, but only needed it for like an hour (job interviews or something) but for me, it wouldn't be plausible unless the event I was wearing it to was more than 2 hours, which is pretty unlikely.
Things I Love
- Great colour
- Makes my face fairer
- Quick and Easy to apply

Things I Don't Love
- Little to no coverage
- Accentuates pores
- Doesn't do too well as a base
- Probably makes everyone look fairer (not what everyone wants)
- Slightly Pricey

Final  Thoughts
I love this cushion for some quick coverage and SPF before I pop out to get milk and bread, but I don't think it has enough coverage for most people to wear on a daily basis. I tried this cushion as a base for a couple of different foundations (water based and silicone based) and had the same experience as I did with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion. If you're looking for a light colour corrector with a dewy, glowy finish, then I would definitely reccomend trying thing product, but if you're after a matte, full coverage product, this is not for you!

If you're wondering how long the cushions last, they're not as long lasting or efficient as a liquid foundation because it's harder to get to the product hiding around the outside of the cushion. It's a little awkward to get the foundation around the outside because it makes the sponge dirty (which explains the grubby sponge!) but they are still a fantastic portable liquid option! (Also the sponges work GREAT with all of your other foundations!)

This product was kindly sponsored by Cosmetic Love, (thank you guys so much!! ^.^) which does not affect my views in any way, I will always provide an honest review, no matter if the product is sponsored or not!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Manicure Monday: Spikeasaurus

 Hello Princesses!

Today I have a more adventurous manicure than usual! I really wanted to use the nail spikes I bought from Born Pretty with a slightly darker manicure (unlike my first cutesy spiked manicure) but since this is definitely not my usual style, I think the manicure looks a little boring in the photos!

I used Color Club's First Looks for the manicure base.

This time I also used nail glue on the spikes to help them stay on! They stayed on a little longer than with just plain topcoat, but still popped off when they got caught in my hair! >< 

Has anyone got any tips on how to get them to stick better? What did you think of this weeks manicure? ^.^
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