Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Store Review: Ebay Seller BGH8988A

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with the Ebay Seller BGH8988A. I have done a reviews on a couple of other Ebay sellers in the past, and I find it helpful to document who sells genuine products and who sells fakes!

Website Practicality
This is a seller with the site Ebay, which I'm sure I don't need to review! ^.^
Price Comparison
This was pretty much the only place I could even find the Version 2 lipsticks any more! I couldn't add the other lipsticks to the cart because they aren't in stock, so I don't know how much it would have cost including the shipping.

Etude House Lipstick $12.45 + Shipping $0 = $12.45



Shipping and Packaging
I placed my order on the 8th of September and my item was shipped the same day. My order arrived on the 3rd of October, a fairly long shipping time. My lipstick was bubble wrapped securely, but was left rolling around in quite a large box. As soon as I opened the box I knew I wasn't going to be happy.
I decided to purchase the Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips PBE102  because it is the last shade I need to complete my collection! This Ebay seller was advertising the white version 2 packaging of this lipstick, so I snapped it up as quickly as I could!

When I opened the box I was immediately very irritated. This seller sent me the right lipstick bullet in the pink packaging. They had also updated the listing to show the pink packaging!
Luckily for me I'm not stupid. The listing clearly says that it's been updated and I can view the listing that I originally purchased from. Sweet, sweet proof that I was intending to purchase the lipstick in the white packaging (because after a month I do tend to forget what I actually purchased!).
I contacted the seller through Ebays dispute page with the proof that they had not sent the item that I was intending to purchase. The Ebay seller agreed to refund if I sent the lipstick back, fair, but irritating as shipping from NZ is quite pricey. The seller seemed to want me to send the lipstick back via the $2 postage option, though failed to understand that it's $2 for the postage envelope and an extra $15 for postage, or an extra $49 for tracked postage and got quite irritated with me. They refused to ship with tracking and told me that they would refund both the postage cost and the lipstick cost once the lipstick was back with them.

I doubt that the lipstick would have made it to Korea (and suspicious that if it even did they would admit that it did) so I decided to sell the lipstick instead to recoup my losses. I don't want to pay another $15 to send a lipstick into space without the knowledge that I can know for sure if it got there or not.

What I Love
- Free shipping
- Quickly sent out 
- Free sample

What I Don't Love
- Slow shipping time
- Wrong items sent
- Belligerent/suspicious about returns
- I don't TRUST YOU

Final Thoughts
I didn't have a very good shopping experience with this seller and wouldn't really recommend purchasing from them. It is quite common nowdays to sell the version 2 Etoinette lipstick bullets in the original Etoinette lipstick packaging, but this isn't want the seller advertised, and it wasn't what I was intending to purchase. I'm not 100% sure if this is a fake because I don't have anything to compare it to, but I surely don't trust this seller with my money.

Shop with caution Princesses!

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