Friday, 28 June 2013

Review: Cosmetic Love (Part Two)

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing some of the products that I mentioned in Part One of my Cosmetic Love review! ^^ 

I'm not sure how or why, but I ended up getting five lip products! AndI really do love ALL of them! ><

Etude House - Sweet Recipe Candy Stick (Orange)

Pretty much all of the packaging is actually filled with product! Yay! :D
I really love this lipstick! It has super cute packaging and a very sweet orange scent and taste. If you don't like the taste of oranges, this candy stick is not for you! It's pigmentation is very good and it is reasonably buildable. You get a good amount of product for the price which makes this one of my new "must have" lip products.
I would rate this;
I would definitely buy this product again, (in fact the Strawberry one is sitting in my cart right now!)

Tonymoly - Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint (Green Apple)
This is such a party trick type of lip tint! ^^ The jelly looks such a bright green, but as soon as you touch it with your finger, it turns pink! It has moderate staying power and is not incredibly pigmented, but that what I think the charm in this tint is, that it is simply a subtle tint for your lips ^^

I would rate this;
I would definitely buy this product again, possibly in a different colour next time! 

 TonyMoly - Cats Wink Crazy Tint Stick (Crazy Green) 
This is a similar product to the Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint but using a different method of application! Just like the Magic Lip Tint, the Crazy Tint Stick changes from green to pink. I found that the Tint Stick was more pigmented than the Lip Tint, but not quite as long lasting! It didn't really adhere to my lips very well, and since I habitualy rub my lips together I found that the tint would wear off in the centre and leave me with a coloured outline.
 Freshly Applied Tint Stick
Tint Stick 5 minutes after. During that time I was just camwhoring, not even eating.

I would rate this;
Its a cool idea, and the packaging is super cute, but I would prefer to buy the Magic Lip Tint instead. ^^
 Here is a quick comparison of the colours of the Crazy Tint Stick and the Magic Lip Tint.

 Tonymoly - Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint (Red) 

This is the most pigmented stain I have ever come across. Ever. This is the type of lip stain that dries within a couple of minutes, which is great for me because I like to use it for performance, and this drying time ensures that the lip stain won't travel anywhere that is not my lips, and I won't lick it off halfway through a concert! This stain has a incredibly powerful scent that I can't quite place, but it smells very flowery, and also tastes a little like flowers. If you are not a fan of very scentfull products, I would recommend that you stay away from this stain. Having said that, the scent and taste disappears as soon as the stain is dry, and it is super pigmented, comes in a cute container, has a great doe foot applicator and you will need to use make-up remover to actually get it off! It's a great product if you can get past the smell.
The left swatch is freshly applied, and the right swatch has been applied very sparingly and dried for two minutes. The right swatch is as sheer and as light as this stain will ever apply.
This is freshly applied on my lips! It has a slightly shiny appearance despite being dry. It is very, very red.
This is the tint after performing in an orchestra for two hours, and two hours of socialising/drinking/eating. I'm fairly impressed to say the least! I look very tired here though hehe!

I would rate this;
I would purchase all of the other colours in the range since the scent and taste do not really bother me, but it only gets four hearts out of five since I'm fairly certain not everybody will be able to stand the scent!

 Tonymoly - Cats Wink lip Stick (Peach Vanilla)

I was super excited to get this Lip Stick since it looked so so super cute! But much to my dismay when it arrived, the product wouldn't wind up to the top of the stick! :/ Just when I was about to give up it suddenly started working, but after taking photos the whole stick fell out! >< This was quickly fixed by stuffing it back into the respective grooves, and I've never had trouble with it since.
Peach Vanilla is a very cute light peach shade, which is fairly pigmented and has a smooth application.
The Lipstick is great quality, but it's not quite the right colour for me! Something seems just a little off, which makes me really sad since I was very excited to get this product! :c

 I would rate this;

Apart from the slight technical difficulty I had with the lipstick, I feel that they are great quality and I would probably keep purchasing them until I found a colour that really suited me! ^^

Next week I'll be reviewing all of the skincare and other make-up I bought in Part Three of my Cosmetic Love series!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Manicure Monday: Candy Striped Nails

Hello Princesses! 

 Today's Manicure Monday was inspired by sweet sweet candy ^^ Since I have terrible teeth I'm not allowed to eat candy anymore :C So I decided to relive my candy dreams in a sweet pastel manicure :3
The manicure looked a lot less awkward in real life >< I haven't done any type of nail art for years, I'm pretty out of practice! ><

Friday, 21 June 2013

Review: Cosmetic Love (Part One)

Hello Princesses! 

 Today I'm going to be sharing my review on the popular store, Cosmetic Love! 
I made my order on the 21st of April (2013) and it arrived within 3 weeks. Cosmetic Love offers free shipping worldwide (YAY!!) and I opted to add a tracking number for $2.50USD. This made my whole order so much cheaper than usual stores!

The goods arrived safe and sound, although I found the tracking system very hard to use since for the first site is all in Korean! Nobody in my house can read Korean so I had to stumble through the site for a while using Google Translate >< Once the package was out of Korea you are supposed to use your country's tracking service to track the package. Huh?  I couldn't figure out how to work it so I didn't worry too much about it!
The goods were securely bubble wrapped and all in their individual boxes and everything!

I ordered;
Etude House - Collagen Eye Gel Patch
Etude House - Sweet Recipe Candy Stick (Orange)

Etude House - Black Charcoal Chin Pack Aloe Vera 
Etude House - Black Head Remover Dual Sheet 
Etude House - Drawing Eye Brow Pencil (No.2) 
Etude House - Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails 6 Colors (Kiss of Fire) 
Etude House - Tear Drop Powder Eyes Diamond Pearl (Crystal Gold Tear) 
Lioele -Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream #1 Gorgeous Purple (Sample) 
TONYMOLY - Baby Doll Pot Concealer (Light Beige) 
Tonymoly - Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint (Green Apple)
 Tonymoly - Cat Chu Wink Tony Tint (Red) 
TonyMoly - Cats Wink Crazy Tint Stick (Crazy Green) 
 Tonymoly - Cats Wink lip Stick (Peach Vanilla)
The prices are crazy low, the lowest I've seen anywhere for some of the items! Plus they are all the real deal.

When you buy a certain amount of goods from Cosmetic Love they offer free samples! This is the crazy amount I received!
Super cool right! :D

Things I LOVE
  - Free shipping
- Cheap tracking
- Huge Variety
- SUPER cheap!
- Amazing free samples
- Great Quality

Things I don't love
 ♥ - Nothing!

I found that I had an incredible shopping experience with Cosmetic Love, and since I've already lost the concealer (*sigh*) I know that I'm most definitely going to order from them again! :D

I'll be reviewing all the things I bought a bit later, I thought it might make this post too long! ^^ Is there anything you would like to be reviewed first?
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