Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Review - Etude House Missing U Hand Cream I Can Fly!

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be showing you some of the cutest hand creams around - Etude House's Missing U Hand Cream I Can Fly!  I bought these from RoseRoseShop for $5.50USD each.

These little hand creams have the most gorgeous packaging, as you usually expect from anything Etude House, and each colour has a different scent and a different endangered bird with it's own little story!
"Kakapo - Sunny Apple Scent.
Hi! I'm Kakapo, the longest living bird on earth! Although I can't fly, I'm a great night parrot endemic in New Zealand. People live me and my Kakapo friends so much that they hunt and take us as pets. As a result, we are now in danger of extinction, with only 121 of us now. Please help us to be friends with you for a long time!

Eagle Owl - Very Berry Cherry Scent
Hi! I'm Eagle Owl, the great night bird! I like to hunt during night time, with my big eyes lit as headlights. I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult in bright city nights. Please help e to fly free again!

Cerulean Warbler - Sweet Cotton Candy Scent
Hi! I'm Cerulean Warbler, the pretty singing bird in blue! You may already know me from many fairy tales as I represent happiness, I like to sing, sitting on a branch, but nowadays I can't find many places to sit and sing because of tall buildings with glass walls. Also, many of my friends didn't notice those walls and crashed into them. Please help me to sing freely again!

Easten Glass Owl - Peach Peach Peach Scent
Hi! I'm Eastern Glass Owl, the vest night hunter with a pretty heart-shaped face mask. I utilize my features like high tech equipment so I can hunt very well even in the dense forests at night. However, I am in danger of extinction, because hunting has become so difficult with lesser natural areas. Please help me to fly freely again!" (1)

I find it slightly hilarious, yet slightly morbid that you unscrew their heads to get the hand cream out. The name of the product is slightly irritating to me for two reasons - the abbreviation of You to U, and also the grammar. It would be a little better if the product was called - Missing You Hand Cream, I Can Fly! (but perhaps that's just me being picky!)

The hand cream is very thick, faintly coloured and very scented. If you don't like heavily scented products then you should probably stay away from this hand cream! I don't particularly love the Apple Scent (pictured below) but found the Peach and Cotton Candy scent quite lovely!
I have a very high expectations for hand creams since I punish my hands and cuticles quite severely with acetone nail polish remover and general workie stuff, and in all honesty, this hand cream doesn't quite cut it for me in terms of moisturization and absorption. It's just a perfectly average hand cream in a super adorable container! ^.^
(I mean seriously - HOW CUTE IS THAT, it's giving you the side eye!)

What I Love
-SUPER CUTE packaging
- Affordable 
- Pocket size and travel friendly

What I Don't Love
- Not a revolutionary hand cream

Final Thoughts
Even though I don't love the hand cream, I really do love the packaging, and will use up all of the hand cream and replace it with another one! ^.^ The packaging for this product is just fantastic - super cute, pocket/handbag/palm sized, and very durable since it's made of a tough plastic. I would gladly repurchase this product if I ever lost the owl packaging, but it would be a purchase for the packaging, and not the actual products.

I hope you princesses found this review helpful, have you ever tried these hand creams before?

Monday, 14 April 2014

Manicure Monday - Blushing Rose

Hello Princesses!

Today I have a super sweet manicure using some of the items I got from my Born Pretty Store haul a couple of weeks ago! ^.^ It's still a fairly typical manicure for me (pink and cutesy) but I thought it was pretty interesting to use black rhinestones since I've actually never used them before!
To create this manicure, I used my Color Club polish in Blushing Rose, with Black Rhinestones and a White Bow from BPS. I was pretty happy with the result because I think it looks super cute! ^.^ What do you princesses think?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday Swatches - Foundation Swatches

Hello Princesses!

Today I'll be starting a new series called Sunday Swatches, (I'm a sucker for alliteration), since my number one most viewed post on my blog is my BB Cream swatches (with over 10k views wtf) so it seems like you guys like seeing these types of posts, or at least stumble your way over here through Google searches!

Personally, I always google swatches of products before buying them if I can't swatch them myself, and I find it really helpful to see comparison style swatches, so let me know if you guys feel the same way, and what type of swatch comparisons you would like to see next! ^.^

A lot of these products are tester sized (I'm not rich!). 
Click any picture to enlarge!
1 - Meow Cosmetics; Snow Lynx
2 - Phoenix Cosmetics; Pure White
3 - Meow Cosmetics; Abyssinian
 4 - Meow Cosmetics; Angora
5 - Meow Cosmetics; Manx
6 - Meow Cosmetics; Siamese
 7 - Kleancolor; Translucent Beige
8 - NARS Sheer Glow; Siberia
9 - Maybelline Fit Me; 110
10 - NYX Stay Matte; Ivory
11 - L.A Colors; Ivory
12 - Shiseido Sun Protection; SP30
13 - Rimmel Match Perfection; 010 Light Porcelain
14 - MAC Studio Fix; NW10
15 - Revlon Photoready; Vanilla
16 - Revlon Colourstay; Buff
17 - Etude House Magic Any Cushion; No.02 Light Beige
18 - Bobbi Brown Cream Compact; 00 Alabaster
19 - Maybelline Mineral Powder; Ivory
20 - Laura Mercier Foundation Powder; No.01
21 - L'Oreal True Match; Light Ivory
22 - Lush Colour Supplement; Light Yellow
23 - YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation; B10
24 - YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat; B10
25 - MAC Studio Fix; NC15
26 - MAC Studio Sculpt; NC15
27 - The Body Shop; M02
28 - MAC Match Master; 1.0
29 - Estée Lauder Double Wear 1W1
30 - Estée Lauder Double Wear 1N1
31 - Estée Lauder Mat Cover; Very Light
32 - Rimmel Stay Matte; 100 Ivory
33 - Natio Natural Cover; Natural
34 - Dior Diorskin Forever; 020
35 - Dior Diorskin Forever; 030
36 -  Dior Diorskin Forever; 040
And all of the foundation together, Freshly Applied - Blended - Oxidised/Set
*Phew* Turns out that I have a lot more foundations than I thought I did! Some of these testers have been thrown out because they're too dark (looking at you there Dior), some have been sold because they don't match my skintone at all, and some will be completely new to you because I haven't even shown them in a haul yet! ><

This time I chose to number and type the swatch colours because some people complained (ungratefully) at my last choice of cursive script (which yeah was slightly hard to read - but they were noted in the blog post too) so I hope this format is easier to read! 

I hope you princesses enjoyed this Sunday Swatches session, let me know what you would like to see next! I have BB Cream, CC Cream, Colour Correctors and Concealers to swatch and photograph too! ^.^ Feel free to share these swatch pictures - but please provide a link to this blog post if you do! xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

First Impression - Tony Moly Aqua Aura Rich Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about Tony Moly's Aqua Aura Rich Cream sample! I have no idea where this sample came from, but I thought it would be really interesting to try! ^.^

What Does It Do?
"Enriched hydrating Aqua Aura Rich cream adds dewiness to the skin. Chose from Aqua Aura moisture cream or Aqua Aura Rich Cream, depending on your skin condition. On days when your skin is very dry and rough, choose stalker cream(?) (Aqua Aura rich cream) to balance oil and moisture on your skin. On days when your skin need moisture but is oily on the skin, chose Aqua Aura moisture cream. Depending on your skin condition, choose from Aqua Aura moisturizing. creams.

How to use
At the last stage of skin care, take the cream in the size of nickel to spread on face, and lightly pat for better absorption."(1)
This was another intriguing product for me to try! The cream has a really pleasant citrus scent, and has a thick gel like consistency which is easy to spread, fast to absorb and leaves a soft matte finish. This cream made my skin feel moisturized, but not oily. It seems like a really lovely cream! 

... But ...

I had a minor allergic reaction to this cream. :C

I do use a lot of testers, but I still spread them out and only try 2-3 per week so my skin doesn't get overwhelmed and confused with the sheer amount of random products that I try, so it's possible that the allergy was triggered by something else, but who knows. I also cannot find the ingredients online!-.-'

Would I Purchase This Product?
Probably not. Even though it was a gorgeous cream and gave me a lovely soft matte finish, the allergic reaction that I might get is just not worth it. It's relatively inexpensive at $20NZD so if you're not allergic to random skincare ingredients like me, but are looking for a soft matte finish moisturizer, I totally recommend checking the Aqua Aura Rich Cream out!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Haul - Rose Rose Shop, The Tragedy Edition

Hello Princesses!

Today's post isn't just a haul - but rather an update on my shopping experience's with one of my favorite stores to purchase Korean Cosmetics from - Rose Rose Shop! I think it's really important to have a good experience shopping online, so I thought I would share some exceptional customer service with you all! ^.^

I initially purchased this bagful of goodies last November, but I have avoided posting it due to some issues which will be explained at the end of the post, but for the most part I just avoided editing this post because it's soo picture heavy and I really wanted to wait until I tried out all of the products so I could give you guys my first impressions on these products in one post!
Etude House - Perfect Brow Kit (No.01 Natural Brown) $9.00
The packaging is absolutely gorgeous - as you usually expect from Etude House!
This is the perfect kit for everyday brows and it's especially handy for travel! It's compact, lightweight but not flimsy, super pigmented, and has everything I want to use on my brows with the exception of a brow gel. I don't use the teeny baby brushes for everyday use because they are so small, but I do use them if I take this brow kit  away for a couple of days to reduce the amount of stuff I have to bring.
Missha - Near Skin Firming Peptide Shaping V Mask $2.50
I'm way too chicken to try this just yet >< It's only because my specific allergic reaction happens on my chin and this mask rests directly on my chin so it's a little nerve-wracking for me, but hopefully I will try this out soon!
Innisfree - Eco Beauty Tool Jeju Volcanic Steam Towel - $5.00
I absolutely love this facial steaming towel! The best part for me is the raised nose section, because I do have a pretty tall nose (unfortunately), so it really helps the towel fit to my face a lot better and doesn't suffocate me. Plus the embroidered eyelashes are just adorable! Cute and functional!
Missha - All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ PA+++ 40ml - $14.80
I love love love this sun milk, but I had the stupidest experience using it - which I will share in my review in a couple of weeks >< but I have been wearing this ever since I purchased it and I love love love it! (Did I mention that I love this product?) :P
Etude House - Rose Drawing Show Creamy Pencil No.BE103 Creamy Romance - $6.00
I'm actually not a fan of this product :C I find it very difficult to use around my eyes because the pencil isn't soft or creamy, so it feels like it's tugging and tearing at my soft eye area which is just not pleasant. However, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous!
Etude House - Rosy Tint Lips No.04 Sweet Poison - $8.50
I love the colour payoff, packaging and colour of this product, but I hate how it works. The tube is SO HARD to squeeze, (plus I'm pretty girly and weak) so my hands tremble when I try to squeeze the product out which makes it hard to apply which is just ridiculous! I also don't love the sponge tip applicator, because even though it makes the product easy to blend and it never applies streaky, it gets dirty immediately, which is a bit germy and gross.
But look at how gorgeous that colour is! SO PRETTY AND LONG LASTING!
Missha - The Style Shadows - $1.60-$4.00
I didn't want to list every single hyperlink for these shadows because I haven't swatched them for this post! But I really love using these shadows and there will be a review on them up soon because they are absolutely gorgeous and inexpensive! ^.^
This section was the whole reason for my gigantic purchase from RoseRoseShop! The new (well in November it was new) Minnie Mouse Collection from Etude House! Can we all take a moment to bask in the gorgeous glory of the super cute Minnie Mouse packaging.
 So super duper cute!
 Etude House - XOXO Minnie In The Nails - No.02 Bubble Pink 
Etude House - XOXO Minnie In The Nails - No.01 Minnie Red
Etude House - XOXO Minnie In The Nails - No.06 Minnie Black Face  - $3.00
XOXO Minnie In The Nail Glitter - No.01 Minnie In White - $2.50
I know a lot of people didn't love these polishes because they found the colours to be streaky and the glitters hard to apply - but I think they're really cute and they work just fine for me! I want to buy the rest of the glitter polishes, they are just so cute! ^.^
Etude House - XOXO Minnie Look At My Eyes Cafe - No.PK005 Minnie Peach
Etude House - XOXO Minnie Look At My Eyes Cafe - No.PK006 Bubble Pink - $3.50
Etude House - XOXO Minnie Look At My Eyes Jewel - No.BE104 Shining Beige - $5.50
These eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous in terms of packaging, colour and formula. I haven't really used the pink and peach as eyeshadows - but they work just as well as blush. ^.^ The Shining Beige is a super glittery beige as the name suggests, and while it's not overly pigmented in terms of colour, it's jam packed with glitter which makes it ideal as a glitter topper for any coloured eyeshadows! 
The eyeshadows have an adorable heart pattern stamped on them, and the barcode and safety stickers are in the shape of mouse ears! Squee!! You can see how lovely and pigmented the shadows are!

Etude House - XOXO Minnie Wink Lash - No.01 Minnie Up Lash - $3.00
These are super natural, and give me the extra volume I need for my lashes without making it look like I'm wearing falsies. I originally ordered the Lower Lashes as well, but they ran out of stock. :C
Etude House - XOXO Minnie Kissing Lips - No.01 Minnie Red 
Etude House - XOXO Minnie Kissing Lips - No.02 Bubble Pink - $9.00
I love the packaging, formula and colour of these lipsticks. I also love that they chose to include a classic red and a hot pink colour, because I think that they really represent Minnie Mouse, but for me personally, they aren't very wearable for an everyday look so I don't get as much wear time in as I would like, but they are still gorgeous lipsticks for special occasions!
 Etude House - XOXO Minnie Touch Blusher 
Etude House - XOXO Minnie Touch Highlighter  - $15.00
 These were the highlight of the purchase for me, but unfortunately tragedy struck as soon as I opened the highlighter packet.
When I opened the highlighter, I discovered that the highlighter compact was completely and utterly obliterated. The amount of damage done was just indescribable and the amount of sorrow and sadness I felt was equally indescribable. I think what makes it worse for me is that I had been really looking forward to this package and the super cute products I purchased, as well as the fact that these products (this in particular) are quite pricey.

*I'm aware that I can re-press this powder, but it's just not the same for this compact as it is supposed to have three separate colours with the shape of Minnie's face in the center.*

I'm honestly not sure what happened to this compact, because RoseRoseShop package their items super duper well, and nothing else (including an identical blusher compact) was damaged during shipping.

 So I emailed Rose Rose Shop to see if they would send me another Highlighter. To my surprise, they emailed me  back promptly asking if I wanted them to send it immediately or if I was planning to purchase something, and wanted it to piggyback in that order. Since I needed to purchase another cleansing sponge (which was supposed to be in this order but I totally forgot about it) that gave me a glorious excuse to shop for some more goodies! ^.^ When the new package arrived, so did my pristine new highlighter!

A lot of people assume that because I'm a blogger I have this magical power that forces store owners to give me anything I want, because if they don't make me happy I'm going to write a bad review that will trash their entire business, which is absolutely not true! In fact, store owners don't treat me any different than they do regular customers, so I was really happy when Roseroseshop said they would replace the highlighter, because they could have just as easily said no.

Let's look at it in all it's glory *angels singing*

I'm sure that you guys can tell why I would want to have the highlighter replaced rather than just re-pressing the powder, look at the gorgeous face detail!

The Minnie Touch Blusher is so cute! It's not a very vibrant blush, but rather very pale and pastel which I totally love! You can chose to pick up the peach, pink or purple colour separately, or mix them together to form a pink peach colour. I wish these had mirrors in the compacts though.
The Minnie Touch Highlighter is equally as gorgeous as the blusher! I did find that the shiny purple colour is the dominant colour of the highlighter unless you purposely avoid it, and I'm not sure how I feel about that! I will let you guys know in the full review!
I found it really hard to photography accurate swatches of the blush and highlighter, so I hope you guys can see the swatches clearly! >< I'll try to do them again for a full review!
Rose Rose Shop remains my favorite shop to buy bulk Korean Cosmetics! They are just so lovely to communicate with, reply quickly and there is never anything lost in translation. I'm so so happy that they replaced the highlighter for me because I would have just been devastated if I had to repurchase! I ended up re-pressing the broken compact into a spare quad square for travel, and in a little pottle to give to my baby sister (waste not want not) so I'm so glad everything worked out well!

If you guys have read one of my previous rants before (namely my Why is customer service so important) you would know how much I value good customer service - and for me - Rose Rose Shop went above and beyond in terms of their customer service. If you haven't checked them out, go and do it now!!

What did you princesses think of my gigantic belated haul? ^.^ Are there any products you'd like tosee more of?  
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