Monday, 20 October 2014

Manicure Monday - Pink and Purple Reverse Tips

Hello Princesses!

Today I have another super cute manicure (I swear I say this every week) featuring Lime Crime Parfait Day polish and a La Girls glittery purple polish! I decided to paint the underside of my nails in reverse colour so that it looks super cute even if you're looking at my fingers the wrong way!
I love the way this looks, but man I was tempted to pick at the underside of my nails for the first couple of hours! It literally feels like dirt underneath my nails, but instead it's sparkly glittery happiness! ^.^

Would you ever rock this type of manicure?

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Store Review - xoBeauty

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be reviewing another well known New Zealand based store, xoBeauty! XoBeauty is the business baby of the gorgeous New Zealand  Youtuber, Shaaanxo. She began with her very own Brush line and has been expanding ever since, now including gorgeous lashes, super cute hair ties and delicate fine jewelery! There's been a talk amongst beauty bloggers and fans alike in regards to the pricing of her brand and the quality in comparison to brushes you can get off Ebay for a fraction of the price. Are you as interested as I am? 
Price Comparison
This is by far one of the most asked questions about the xoBeauty brushes, and potentially one of the most annoying/saddening questions. XoBeauty face brushes look similar to the Jessup brushes you can purchase off Ebay. The left set of xoBeauty brushes cost $80NZD for 4 brushes. The right set of Jessup brushes cost $6.50NZD for 5 brushes. I can see where a lot of people are coming from in regards to the cost aspect of the brushes because yes, it's a massive difference for brushes that look the same. But just like everything in life, the price reflects the quality of the products.

I really dislike the comment section on this store. Not because I dislike people commenting and sharing feedback, but it's literally become a place for little girls to complain about how they can't afford nice things. Just because I can't afford a Chanel handbag doesn't mean I go onto Chanel's facebook and complain about it. I didn't bother blurring their names because it will be visible if you follow the links anyway. That's what you get for complaining. I really dislike that they are implying that Sigma brushes are way better than the xoBeauty brushes, it's almost the same as saying that the brand doesn't deserve to be as good as Sigma without even giving it the chance. Don't mind me while I mini-rage at ignorant people on the internet, this is why I have a blog, I would probably explode if I didn't!
I don't believe that the brushes, lashes or jewelery are overpriced at all, but it really does depends on what you consider expensive.

Website Practicality
The website is aesthetically, incredibly pleasing. A crisp white background with pink and black writing looks incredibly professional. The website is quite nice to navigate, but I wish there was an option to "Shop Brushes" or "Shop Lashes" on the home screen rather than clicking into "Shop All" and then refining your search to "Single Brushes". It's only one extra click, but it's really all I could think of that I didn't like! ^.^

Shipping and Packaging
The shipping was incredibly quick (2 days) even though I purchased during a sale! My products were all individually wrapped, then wrapped in bubble wrap and tied with a pink ribbon with a super cute business card with hearts punched out!
I didn't want to do a full review of these brushes and lashes in the store review, (it would be so super long!) but make sure to check back on Wednesday for a full review and comparison to Ebay brushes and Lashes!

"The Romantic" lashes were designed for the girly girl who likes a bit of flirt, a bit of length, and a bit of volume! They are super full but do not take over your eyes, so they can be worn both day or night. Tapered on the inner corner for comfort, and finished off with a beautiful flick and curve on the 'Outer V' to elongate your eye shape. These have an invisible lash band so you can wear them without eyeliner if you wish.
These lashes are absolutely gorgeous, full and fluttery, super soft and really lightweight to wear! I don't wear lashes regularly because I find that they press on my eyelids weirdly making my contacts feel super uncomfortable. These lashes feel a lot nicer to wear for longer periods of time than my regular cheap lashes! 
I purchased four brushes, two face brushes and two eye brushes! I wanted to purchase the Kabuki brush but it was out of stock by the time I got to checkout :C I absolutely love the design of these brushes, they look dainty and feel expensive and not at all like the plasticy ebay brushes.
Bronzing Brush ($18.00) 
Our jumbo sized Bronzer Brush is perfect for an even application of bronzer. This will imitate a beautiful sun-tan with little-to-no effort! The synthetic hairs blend flawlessly, and the large size means you can run your bronzer all around the outer areas of your face for a flawless, natural, sun-kissed glow. And, its super easy and quick! Follow up with a smaller brush to contour your cheeks, add blush, and highlight for a beautiful complete look.

I love this brush! I've never liked bronzing my face since it looks weird being so pale and the bronzer would just look so harsh and just ick. This brush makes it so easy to blend and leaves no harsh lines! Plus it makes a gorgeous regular face powder brush too, I'm all about multi-tasking tools!
Our favourite blush brush! Perfect for both creams and powders. It is tapered which provides a perfect shape for cheek application. And, its super duper soft!

This is super soft and light! If you find that you are often heavy handed on blush then, give this brush a go. It takes just a light tap in the blush and it's almost impossible to get too much product on the cheek.
Our Tapered Crease Brush is perfect for applying colour into your crease, and is super soft and fluffy so you can then blend that colour right out! This is slightly smaller then our similar Blender Brush, and more tapered
Our Tapered Blender Brush is perfect for blending colour into the crease. It is smaller than our white bristled blending brush, meaning its great to place colour and blend at the same time!

These were the brushes that I was most excited about in the order! I've never had proper/good eye brushes before and always struggled to blend my eyeshadow well. These changed everything. If you want to purchase one thing from xoBeauty I highly suggest purchasing the Tapered Crease brush because it is amazing. Amazing I tell you.
What I Love
-  Amazing quality brushes and lashes
- Super quick, cheap shipping for NZ orders
- Great selection in each section
- Super friendly Instagram/Facebook team
- Did I mention the amazing crease brush? There's an amazing crease brush

What I Don't Love
- Nothing!
Final Thoughts
I'm in love. Seriously. Everything about the packaging of the lashes to the signature on the brushes is just so me (unless they release pastel coloured handles, then I would legitimately purchase everything twice). I started off my brush and lash collection with super cheap brushes just so I could cover the basics and see which brushes I favoured, then I moved onto better quality brushes (XO brushes) and I'm not looking back. I love them, they make me look twice as good in twice as little time and with twice as little product. I'm so sold.

Have you tried anything from the xoBeauty line? What are your favorite brushes?

Friday, 17 October 2014

First Impressions - The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be sharing a super quick First Impression on The Body Shop's Aqua Boost Vitamin E Sorbet! I say "quick" because I really just couldn't use this product because it smells like my shoe polish. It also has the texture of my shoe polish and since scent and texture are actually really important to me I just couldn't wrap my little head around the though that I was possibly smearing shoe gel all over my face. Nonetheless, read on if you would like to hear my immediate thoughts on this product!
What Is It?

"An instant cooling sensation for all day hydration. This silky-soft moisturiser hydrates and refreshes skin with an ultra-light light formula.
  • Feels like a burst of freshness on skin
  • Quenches skin’s thirst
  • Enriched with wheatgerm oil (1)

I do have to agree that this moisturiser is silky soft and ultra light, I'll give it that! It spreads out well, absorbs fast, doesn't leave a sticky residue and leaves a really lovely soft matte finish. I don't think that it "quenches skin's thirst" at all, more like "softly moisturizes skins thirst" would be a more accurate description for my experience.

I'm so disappointed that this product smells the way it does since the rest of the Vitamin E range smells absolutely delicious to me! But even if it smelt nice, I don't think that it really works so well for me anyway.

Would I Purchase This Product?
No. It just smells way too much like my shoe cleaning products for me to be comfortable putting it on my face! I don't think it really lives up to it's claims of being ultra-hydrating, but I did like that it was a matte finish moisturizer that absorbed really quickly since nobody wants to be a grease face! ^.^ 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Review - Skin79 Green & Orange BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to share with you a massive, massive double review of the Skin79 Green and Orange BB Creams! I purchased this both of these BB Cream from Roseroseshop last year because they were quite cheap and I was unable to find testers of the Green BB which is touted as one of the palest BB Creams ever! I've already trialled the Orange BB Cream in my First Impressions Skin79 Orange BB Cream post, and four other of Skin79's BB's in my other Skin79 BB Cream swatches and reviews. I've also compared these two BB Creams in my Super pale swatches along with a bunch of other super pale products!
The two BB Cream's come in identical packaging with super hygienic pumps. They're great to travel with because they have hard cases meaning nothing will be squeezed out accidentally, although I am quite wary that the pump might accidentally depress while in transit.

I purchased the Skin79 Green BB Cream for $16.10 (Now $13.79!) and the Skin79 Orange BB Cream - $11.20 (no longer available).
I love that the silver BB has a holographic shine (petty packaging loves!). An interesting point of difference between the two BB Creams is that the Green BB has an SPF30 PA++ while the Orange BB has SPF50 PA+++
The Green BB is very pale a neutral toned. I don't find that it leans pink or yellow too much, and is a little darker than both of my Missha BB Creams. It's quite thick, but spreads out really well, with light to medium coverage so i do need to use concealer on my problem areas, but it does have a quite matte finish rather than the regular dewy BB Creams.
I did find that I got very shiny after 6 hours and the BB Cream sat in my pores and fine lines.
The colour isn't too bad, still not absolutely perfect though. I find that it looks a little grey/pink almost? It's fine for casual everyday wear though!
The Orange BB Cream has exactly the same packaging as the Green but different ingredients. I had assumed that both the Green and Orange BB Creams had the same ingredients just with different tones of colour, but obviously they must be quite different!
The Orange BB Cream is much warmer in tone than the Green BB which means I almost suit it better than the Green BB since i do have very yellow skin. It's a little too dark, but as long as you can't see my arms it looks ok! (My arms are really pale).
Just like the Green BB, the Orange BB does get quite oily after 6 hours for me (but then again what doesn't?) but is absolutely fine with a little oil blotting paper.
I'm so unsure about the colouring of this BB Cream. It's undeniably too dark, but I'm not sure if the fact that it's so warm toned almost makes it better than the Green BB which is a better shade of "pale" for me. The leftmost photo is what it looks like outside while in the car (and yes the glasses are real, I need them to see! I usually wear contact lenses but was having a lazy day today) while the right photos are taken sitting in front of my window.
I've compared the two BB Creams side by side (of course!) and the Orange BB makes the Green BB look quite pink in comparison! The Green BB is a better colour in terms of paleness, but the Orange BB is better in terms of warmth. I didn't photograph it, but the BB Creams don't oxidize at all, not like the Super Pink BB did!
So what happens when I mix the two foundations? Does it create the perfect coloured BB?
No not really. Now it still seems a little pink and dark, but it's not bad, it's not bad! It is a little too much effort for something that's just for casual wear (not full coverage) and either the Green or Orange suits almost as well.

What I Love
- Relatively inexpensive
- Wide colour range
- Goes relatively pale for both cool and warm toned skin
- Great sturdy, hygienic packaging

What I Don't Love
- Not a perfect fit (close enough though)
- A little hard to find
- Both get quite oily after 6+ hours

Final Thoughts?
I liked both of these BB Creams, but I'm unsure if I'll actually keep both! They both make my skin feel lovely (like a BB Cream should!) and have ample sun protection. They both feel very similar on the skin even though they have different ingredients! I think that the Green BB is a little pinker than my two Missha BB Creams, but the Orange BB is similar in colouring to all of the Etude House BB Creams that I've trialled. I don't really know, I'll have to do another masterpost on pale BB Creams!

I hope you Princesses enjoyed this review! Let me know if you have any BB Cream review requests! ^.^
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