Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Review: LUSH Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the LUSH Cranberry Festive Fresh Face Mask! This is one of the Christmas releases this year (I'm not sure if it's totally new, but I don't think I've seen it before) so of course I was super excited to try this out!
I didn't pay for my face mask because I traded 5 of my empty black pots in for it! This mask of course comes packaged in the traditional LUSH Black pots.
"Merry antioxidant cranberries and cleansing fennel seed infusion, set in a base of organic silken tofu and calming rose clay. What a way to feed your skin! Smooth on this festive mask with restorative argan oil for softened, nourished skin throughout the winter."(1)
"Kaolin , Cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) , Glycerine , Organic Silken Tofu , Fennel Seed Infusion (Foeniculum Vulgare) , Argan Oil (Argania spinosa) , Talc , Fresh Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) , Fresh Chicory (Cichorium Intybus) , Rose Clay (Kaolinite) , Bentone (Hectorite) , Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin) , Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus) , Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill) , *Benzyl Alcohol , *Benzyl Benzoate , *Citral , *Citronellol , Coumarin , *Geraniol , *Limonene , *Linalool , Fragrance . *Occurs naturally in essential oils"(2)
This face mask is a delightful rose pink colour which of course made it even more tempting for me to purchase! It's very fragrant, it smells like a heavy mix of fruit and florals, so if you have quite sensitive skin that is irritated by fragrances this could be an indicator to stay away.
The rose clay in this mask means that this mask does tighten and harden on the skin, it's quite uncomfortable if you apply too much but it's not an issue if you apply it sparingly. I found it really pleasant to use and it's quite moisturising! It can be quite a physical exfoliant if you try to scrub it off without enough water, so I definitely recommend getting your face right into the water if possible!
What I Love
- Softens and moisturises skin
- Smells amazing
- Cruelty free
- Inexpensive ($16.50)

What I Don't Love
- Slightly uncomfortable if applied too thickly
- Expires quickly

Final Thoughts
I'm happily surprised by this face mask! I find that most of my LUSH face masks expire before I can get good use out of them since they need to be stored in the refrigerator, I do tend to forget about them. But since this smells really nice to me and it's a gorgeous rose pink shade I actually have remembered to use it! I find that it softens and moisturises my skin really well and I really love that it's cruelty free of course! 

I would definitely recommend this fresh face mask for any Princesses looking for a gorgeous, festive face mask for the holiday season! ^.^


  1. I actually have this mask in my fridge right now!
    It's a very nice mask definitely :3 It's a shame it's only around for the holiday season!

    1. Definitely! I love so much of their Christmas stuff and it just doesn't last a whole year :C


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