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Review: Guerlain Météorites

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about three of the Guerlain Météorites in Mythic, Fresh Pink and Beige Chic! I picked these up second hand for a very small amount, though they are not sold any more which makes this review slightly pointless. Guerlain has some current Météorites that are quite similar, so I'm hoping this review will still be a little useful!

Light Revealing Pearls Of Powder in Clair/Mythic
"Born of expert craftsmanship, this cult constellation of multi-coloured powder pearls with an unforgettable violet fragrance has been created in 1987. Today, the Météorites hold the secret to Stardust technology - a light-creating polymer, which transforms light invisible to the naked eye into a pure and endless glow on the skin. A subtle blend of matte, rosy and radiant blue-toned white pearls, combined with corrective coloured pearls – yellow to counter redness, pink for freshness and mauve to catch the light – they light up the face in an illuminating and corrective halo to give endless radiance."(1)
The current shade Clair seems to match Mythic pretty well!
The météorites are these cute wee balls or "powder pearls". Obviously mine are quite old and well loved so they're not all spherical any more! There are 5 shades which are all quite pale meaning that they don't particularly show up as any colour on the face.

I applied this powder to one the left side of my face (the left in the photo) and not to the right. I think you can see a very slight difference in luminosity in the photo, but it's much easier to see the difference in real life.

I find that Mythic gives my skin a lovely soft glow, it's probably difficult to see in the photos, but it makes my skin look so much nicer than it usually does!
I would consider purchasing this shade full size (since mine is looking a little worse for wear) but the price does put me off in all honesty, it's around $90NZD but you don't need that much of the product so it would last for quite a while.

Météorites Perles de Blush
Angelic Radiance/Fresh Pink
"Météorites Perles de Blush, the celestial accomplice of the divine Météorites, infuses cheeks with soft, evanescent pink. A magical blush that recreates the glow of a complexion bathed in springtime freshness: this is the exceptional promise of Météorites Perles de Blush, a small technological wonder, a hybrid blush that combines colour, freshness and radiance. A harmony of 3 pearls: a fuchsia that revives the natural colour of the cheeks, an iridescent champagne that illuminates the curve of the cheekbones and a rose petal pink that gently refreshes the complexion. These charming mini Météorites pearls embellish the complexion with the sheerest touch. In a swish of the brush, the three shades blend together and become one on the skin, diffusing a unique glow for cheekbones infused with radiance. The guarantee of an angelic complexion in one stroke!"(2)

The Angelic Radiance and Fresh Pink are not identical, as the Fresh Pink has a couple of extra shades that the Angelic Radiance doesn't have.
This blush has six different shades of pearls. The deep pink is the most dominant shade, mostly because I think there are only three of the orange pearls in the blush!
This blush is super gorgeous! It's really quite gentle and soft on the skin, very flattering over larger pores and uneven skin, I like it a lot!

Météorites Powder For The Face And Décolleté/Beige Chic
"These Météorites pearls are made of light-reflecting iridescent pearly particles that leave the skin looking radiant with an illuminating glow. It features pearls in beige hues to even out the skintone, champagne to illuminate, and golden for a subtle, sunkissed effect. These pearls are infused with light-correcting nacres that harmoniously blend together to create a pure and correcting light for perfectly tailored luminosity, creating an ultrasoft powder that smooths the complexion for a unique, soft finish. These powder pearls reveal the iconic violet fragrance of Météorites."(3)

These limited edition météorites seem to bear the most resemblance to the Beige Chic shade I have, barring the fact that the LE version has super cute star shaped pearls and comes  housed in a Christmas bauble!  
There are five shades of warm toned pearls in this set. These seem to act more like a very subtle bronzer for my skin tone since the darkest shade is the most prominent.
I used this météorites as a bronzer on the left side of my face and again, I really like it!
 It's definitely subtle, but since my skin is quite light it still makes a difference!
Super subtle, slightly luminous and sunkissed.
I'm not sure what else to say about this one, but I like this one too!

What I Love
- They smell amazing
- Subtle, natural finishes
- Easy to use, hard to mess up the application
- Cute packaging

What I Don't Love
- Full sizes are SO expensive
Final Thoughts
I absolutely adore these météorites and I'm so glad that I was able to purchase them second hand to trial because with my budget it would have been extremely difficult to convince myself to purchase the full size version, $90-100NZD is a fair amount for sheer powders, no matter how cute! But I have found a new love for these finishing powders, I find that the blush and bronzer are my new go-to shades when I'm feeling particularly lazy because they match everything (the blush isn't too pink or too orange) and they're super quick and easy to apply. The finishing powder is a great to use when I'm feeling a bit blah because it instantly gives me the face of a little angel, it's definitely an instant mood booster!

I would recommend finding a Guerlain counter and having the assistants apply the météorites on your face so that you can see what they do before purchasing them, because they are pricey for the size! However, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend all three of these météorites for any Princesses because I just think they are all brilliant! ^.^


  1. Wow.. They look great and super cute.. :)

  2. I was lucky enough to get gifted two fullsize pots of these and I LOVE them! I particularly enjoy the fragrance and how versatile they are - mine have lasted me easily 5 years or so with relatively consistent use :D

    1. Oh wow! That certainly makes them seem like they're great value for money!


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