Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Yeswalker Shoes

Hi Lovelies!

I absolutely adore Asian fashion, and one of my favorite places to shop online is yesstyle. When they announced the opening of their new shop called yeswalker I knew it was going to be another place I spend loads of money. >.< I find their prices are very reasonable, and with a $10USD coupon and free shipping I had to restrain myself and just buy one pair of shoes to test! (^o^) I finally settled on a pair of Ankle-Strap Flats, in white. I love any sort of cute shoes with ankle straps, and besides I don't have a pair in white yet! :D 
After I had purchased the shoes on the 13th, I had to twiddle my thumbs for a bit while I waited for them to arrive! With the free shipping there is no track and trace number, but they arrived on the 26th, safe and sound.
 They arrive packaged up nicely, a sturdy box inside a waterproof wrapping.
 And even came inside a cute little bag ^^
Overall, they are gorgeous shoes! They are pretty true to their size, and the website provides accurate measurements if you are unsure of which size to get. The best thing I like about them is the soles! It's like walking on clouds, as the soles are quite padded which is great since my feet can get sore in cheap thin flats. They are super super cute and comfortable.

Things I love
  • The design is super cute
  • The construction is great (they aren't cheap looking in any way)
  • The soles! 
  • The price ($16USD + Free Shipping)
Things I dislike
  • Waiting time on the shipping and no track and trace number ): but as this was free shipping I really can't complain! 
Go and have a look and try some of their products out some while the free shipping lasts! (:

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Welcome to my Blogspot (:

Hi guys, welcome to my blogspot! This is mainly a blog just for fun to show you what goes on in my life (: Feel free to follow my Tumblr or my Instagram; littleporcelainprincess

Bye for now,
Becca x

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