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Review: Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher - All Shades

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blushers! I completed the set of these blushes sometime last year, and it's taken me a couple of months to photograph and review these blushes because I had a very hard time capturing how these blushes look on the cheeks which is super frustrating. This is quite a lengthly post with 58 images (RIP page loading time) so grab a cup of coffee and get settled in!

"A blusher that supplies cheeks with vivid color for a peppy and gorgeous look by just light dabbing with the included lovely puff. The BEST pink blush in 2015 awarded by 'Get it Beauty'
- Blur effect: The unique powder that reflects shine to various ways to express bright skin color is used to deliver excellent application and delicate vivid colors.

- Long lasting: Sebum Control Powder tech is applied to absorb sebum to maintain fresh makeup and it contains Coating Pigment for long-lasting clear makeup.

- Lovely Puff: Fluffy cushion type puff helps blend and build beautifully to desired intensity."(1)
These blushes have super cute, but super impractical packaging. It's really hard to store 12 round, dome topped blushes without them just rolling around everywhere, ugh! In general, these blushes all have fantastic pigmentation, apply easily and don't make pores appear any larger. They have a fantastic shade range with some unusual colours thrown in, and for around $5-8USD they are fantastically well priced.

Strawberry Mousse
Strawberry Mousse is a super light baby pink.
This is a shade I wouldn't have purchased if I had the chance to swatch it, because it's just so light!
It literally blends into my skin! I still find value in this shade though, when placed very high on my cheeks it almost acts as a incredibly natural looking highlighter and gives me a wee bit of coverage!
I still enjoy this shade though, it's not something I reach for often, but it's quite nice paired with a bold lip!
Strawberry Choux
Strawberry Choux is a light baby pink.
This shade is one of my go-to blushes. It's the perfect baby-doll pink and makes any make up instantly look cuter!
It's not so light pink that it looks fake though, it still looks pretty natural! This is one of the shades that I recommend grabbing if you're into pink shades.
3 Raspberry Tarte
 Raspberry Tarte is a vibrant fuschia pink with silver shimmer.
This shade is different to the majority of my blushes which I think is pretty cool, it's a really vibrant shade too!
I only need the tiniest amount of this blush to give my cheeks a super natural looking flush. Though since it is such a vibrant shade, this one does tend to make me look slightly clownish if I go overboard.
I really like this shade, it's natural and easy to apply.
4 Carrot Cheesecake
Carrot Cheesecake is an orange shade with gold glitter.
This shade is definitely more glitter than colour!
You can't see much of the orange pigment on my cheeks, but you definitely can see the gold glitter!
It's almost like a highlighter, but not quite. This shade isn't something that I reach for often, but it's still pretty!
5 Apricot Pudding
 Apricot Pudding is a cute pale orange.
This shade is such a pale orange that it almost blends into my skin! ><
It does look visably orange on my cheeks and when packed on which is a little weird for me, but it's still pretty cute!
This one doesn't really look that natural on my skin, but it's still quite pretty!
6 Grapefruit Jelly
 Grapefruit Jelly is a pretty coral pink.
This is another of the very nondescript shades in the collection, it's perfectly lovely, but also perfectly plain.
This shade is quite pigmented and it doesn't take much to give my cheeks a cute peachy glow!
It's very natural, it is a fantastic shade if you don't have something too similar!
7 Rose Sugar Macaron
 Rose Sugar Macaron is a  rose pink with gold glitter.
As you can probably tell by my chipped blush pan and quite frankly rachet looking puff, this is the first shade I ever purchased and I still love it!
I adore this shade so much, it's another one of those perfect colours for my skin that doesn't look like I'm trying to paint my face into something that it's not.
This is a shade that I think would look lovely on most people, so if you are wanting one shade from this blush range I highly suggest this one!

8 Blueberry Pie
 Blueberry Pie is a light lavender shade with silver shimmer.
This shade is another one that I wouldn't have purchased if I wasn't a crazy collection hoarder, but is actually pretty nice!
Luckily this doesn't look nearly as purple on the skin as it does in the pan, and gives a very luminous looking flush to the skin!
It's almost like a very, very cool toned pink rather than an outright purple. I have never had anyone question my slightly purple cheeks so I take that as a good sign that it's not too out there!
Since this is one of the very hard to find shades, I've also swatched it in comparison to the Etude House Dreaming Swan blush in Releve Purple. The Releve Purple is also pretty hard to find, but at least I can still find a few to purchase rather than none for the Blueberry Pie! Releve Purple is a little pinker than Blueberry Pie, definitely less pigmented and has more of a slight sparkle rather than the silver shimmer in Blueberry Pie.
9 Sweetberry Muffin
Sweetberry Muffin is the perfect pretty pink.
This is another of those perfectly pretty pinks, though it's a little deeper in tone than Strawberry Choux. I'll compare them at the end of the post too!
This is such a cute pink shade, it's less of a babydoll pink in comparison to Strawberry Choux and more of a mature pink.
I really like this shade too! It's really wearable for me, it goes with any sort of "look" that I'm doing and since it's quite pigmented I don't need to pack it on to get a good rosy flush.

10 Peach Parfait
 Peach parfait is a peachy orange shade.
This shade is a perfectly plain peachy orange shade. It's lovely, but nothing extremely ground breaking.
It gives me a very natural look, it's not like a flushed look, but still very natural

11 Peach Choux Wafer
 Peach Choux Wafer is a muted deep peach.
This is another of the more unique shades that I didn't already own! I hate the way this looks in the pan because to me it just looks so bleh, but when swatched it's such a lovely muted peach, almost like a light terracotta!
This is another one of my favourite shades on my skin (lord I'm sure you're sick of me saying this by now) because it looks so cute and natural!
12 Plum Mousse Cake
Plum Mousse Cake is a Vibrant Raspberry.
This is a gorgeous shade, it's so vibrant and like nothing else I own! It's super buttery and pigmented, I was so pleased when this one turned up in the mail!
I have to use a super light hand with this shade because it can make my cheeks look clownish.
This shade (again, omg) looks really natural and cute on my skin, this is a very "flushed from the cold" type of colour from me, it's naturally very similar to how my skin looks when it's the middle of winter.
Aaaand this is what it looks like when I absolutely pack it on too much, it's very thick and fake looking, mostly because this is the end result of the above Youtube video where I tried on every single shade and erased them using a powder foundation. I could literally scrape this off with my fingernails - ew!
Just to extend this post even further, like why not, here is a comparison between all of the shade types!

When they're all spread out like this it can be hard to tell if the pinks look too similar, such culprits are #2 vs #9 and #5 vs #10!
Luckily, the shades are actually all quite different, though some it is only a matter of different tones rather completely different shades!

You can see for sure in this photo that #2 and #9 don't actually look that similar on the skin, Strawberry Choux is quite warm toned and light, whereas Sweetberry Muffin is quite cool toned and more of a mid toned pink. Grapefruit Jelly looks incredibly coral in comparison to both!

Even in the pans #5 and #10 look rather similar.
But again, they look so different on the skin! Apricot Pudding is very orange, while Peach Parfait is very peachy! Peach Choux Wafers looks like a deeper tone of Peach Parfait, while Carrot Cheesecake is just over in the corner by it's glittery self there.
The last four shades aren't really similar at all, but also weren't really comparable in terms of pinkiness to orange.

They still look lovely though.

What I Love
- Fantastic shade range
- Some matte shades and some glitter shades
- Easy to apply, super pigmented
- Powder puff is super cute
- Mostly inexpensive at around $5USD each

What I Don't Love
- Packaging is frustrating to store
- Powder puff applies blush unevenly and heavily

Final Thoughts
If you made it this far in this review, congratulations! I hope all of the swatches and comparison made it slightly easier to pinpoint the shade you may be looking for! I really love these blushes, there is a reason as to why it's taken me years to complete my collection, and that is because a lot of the shades are not made any more (like Strawberry Mousse, Apricot Pudding, Blueberry Pie and Plum Mousse Cake) so I paid almost $30NZD for each of those shades after months of searching obscure online stores for them and countless refunds from other stores advertising them when they actually were not in stock. But every shade is gorgeous, they look amazing on most skin types and they're super easy to apply. I just wish the packaging was a little easier to store, but I may try to depot these so I have room to buy more things. 

If you don't have these, then go out and buy the shades that you think look great, because you really can't go wrong with these little gems. I would recommend them to any Princesses looking for an inexpensive blush that has a wide shade range and is super easy to apply!

If you found this post helpful please share it around! Please do not steal these images and erase my watermarks, I have spent months collating these images and I will hunt you down if you steal them.

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  1. Wow, this was a major feat for you to write and photograph! Great swatches - I think it was a very good idea to photograph the shade types against each other for comparison. I love how Plum Mousse Cake looks. What a shame it's not made anymore! Great post - and hopefully no one steals your images because they are awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh, thank you for this post!! :D I was looking everywhere for these swatches, and I'm glad you showed how they wore on your face, too.

    Now I just need to find where to purchase them...I definitely want shade #6.

  3. Thank you for all your effort in composing the photos and swatches! They're really helpful! :D

  4. thanks alot for the detailed review with swatches i was thinking of buying but was confused <3


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