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Review: Etude House Etoinette Crystal Brush Collection and Rose Brush

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Etoinette Crystal Brush Collection and the Rose Brush! I feel like this review is probably going to be easier to understand through video as it's hard to take photos of brushes applying make up >< so if you want further clarity on how these brushes work please watch this Youtube review! ^.^
"The Etude House Etoinette Crystal Brush Collection is a collection of three kinds of brushes made from all natural goat hair. The brush collection comes in a pink pastel lace pouch. The three brushes are the Lip Gradation Tip, Soft Touch Powder Brush, and the Last Touch Fan Brush. These brushes ensure that you are able to have the perfect kind and quantity of makeup that you need for any look."(1)
The Brush Collection comes housed in this gorgeous pink lace brush holder. Sadly, this brush holder is only fit to house these three brushes as they are quite short and the lip brush is super skinny. But it is gorgeous nonetheless! I love that these brushes came with plastic shapers, it helps the brushes to retain their shape and keeps them from splaying out too much after being washed. These brushes are made from goat hair so they do tend to frizz a little, they also smell like goats, which fades a little with time and washing, but it smells awful when they're being washed!
 Soft Touch Powder Brush
Pick up a certain amount of powder on brush and sweep across face in a soft circular motion to express satin-covered, luxurious skin."(2

This is just your regular fluffy powder brush. It's great for powders or blush/bronzer and it applies easily albeit a little scratchily.

Last Touch Fan Brush
Sweep across face after completing all makeup. Cleans up unnecessary powder particles for a finer and smoother complexion.

I've never needed to use this brush to clean up my face before because I don't use loose pigments or anything like that, but it does work really well as a highlighter brush!
Lip Gradiation Brush
Apply a certain amount of lipstick onto brush and lightly dab brush onto inner lip area for rosy lips.

This is such a weird brush for me and definitely not something I would go out of my way to purchase separately. The tip is some sort of soft foam and is quite flexible when blending lip colours onto the lip. However, it tends to push the lip colour around the lip rather than blending it into the lip (honestly, watch the video it'll make more sense). It does work, but boy is it tedious, I'd much rather use my fingers.
Rose Brush
This rose brush is absolutely gorgeous, but in reality it's not really so practical. The rose shaped bristles look great, and Etude House claims they will help hug the contours of the face, but I find that they make applications a little patchy. I do quite like it as a kabuki brush for face powders, though it's not something that I reach for regularly. I think it's more like eye candy for me.

What I Love
- Gorgeous packaging
- Most brushes work perfectly well

What I Don't Love
- Brushes smell like goat/wet goat
- The lip gradiation brush is a little weird
- Rose Brush applies a little patchy

Final Thoughts
Though these brushes are gorgeous, I don't think the Rose Brush is quite worth the price that it's currently being sold for since it's very limited edition. The brush set can be found at very reasonable prices in many different K-Beauty stores and I think they would be well worth grabbing if you like pretty pink Princessey things or need those three brushes in general. There's no denying that they're cute, but there is also no denying that they smell like goat and are a little scratchy in comparison to synthetic fibre brushes. I'll keep mine for the limited edition and collectors/hoarding feelings, but do weigh up the pro's and con's of these before you purchase and decide for yourself whether you would use these enough to warrant purchasing them.

I would definitely recommend these brushes for any Princesses looking for super cute pink brushes, but don't mind paying extra or having them smell a little like goats. :3

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