Thursday, 24 December 2015

Review: Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Bobbi Brown Extra Treatment Lotion! I picked up this lotion on the recommendation of the Bobbi Brown counter ladies when I was trying to make their Cream Compact Foundation work for my oily skin.
 "What Is It
A preparative lotion that you apply first before your skincare routine to maximize skin’s moisture for fresher, smoother, firmer skin.

Who It's For
Normal to extra dry skin types—this water-based lotion is perfect for anyone who needs an extra moisture boost and who likes their skin soothed, calm and more even looking.

Why It's Different
Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate bind moisture to skin for a plumped, more radiant appearance. Finally, Trehalose, a sugar-derived ingredient, promotes long-term hydration (without a sticky residue).

How To Use
Apply onto clean skin with a cotton pad or fingers—then follow up with your favorite Extra formula. Use morning and night." (1)
The packaging of this lotion is really elegant and very functional, just like the majority of Bobbi Browns products. It comes sealed so you know it's fresh!
This Lotion has an interesting texture, almost like a very liquidy melted gel. I prefer to use my fingers with this Lotion rather than a cotton pad, just to keep waste to a minimum and not to waste the product as it is quite expensive! I use one drop of this to cover my entire face, so it lasts a very long time.
However, I just feel like this Lotion doesn't do much, especially for the price that it is. It's really supposed to help your moisturiser work better and provide a very light hydration, but even when I only used it on one half of my face for an entire month I just couldn't feel any difference which is really disappointing. 

My full size came with a baby sized one which I gave to my sister to test out for me. She has dry skin that is quite sensitive. Her thoughts on the matter is that it gives a slight hydration and works well under most of her foundations, though it doesn't do anything innovative to warrant the high price. What she needs is something to boost her moisturisers in very dry places like around her nose and mouth, but this doesn't hydrate enough for this.

What I Love
- Elegant packaging
- Lovely scent
- Only need the tiniest amount

What I Don't Love
- Quite expensive at $90NZD
- Not really that hydrating
- Doesn't boost moisturisers
- Leaves my skin feeling a little sticky/tacky

Final Thoughts
I'm quite disappointed that I spent $90NZD on this product when it doesn't really work that well at all, but I seem to find most of Bobbi Browns products to be a big hit or a big miss. For my oily skin and my sisters dry skin, this Treatment Lotion is slightly hydrating, but it doesn't help to boost our moisturisers. I think that I've been quite spoilt by Korean Skincare because it's so much cheaper and most products give quite good results, so that when you do purchase a dud then it doesn't quite hurt so much because I've probably paid $20 rather than $90.

I would recommend this Treatment Lotion to any Princesses looking for a lightweight and slightly hydrating toner (that's basically what it is), but be smarter than me and do your homework before spending $90!

(Also happy Christmas Eve for all that celebrate!)


  1. Great review~! I've never tried Bobbi Brown products, but this one seems nice <33

    1. Thank you! ^ ^ Just remember that it's a lightweight formula!


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