Monday, 31 December 2012

OOTD: Mcclellan-Walsh Wedding

Hello Lovelies!

On Sunday the 23rd of December I was lucky enough to be invited to the marriage of Jacynta Mcclellan and Adam Walsh from MrMrswalsh!

After the ceremony there was some chill time where all of the guests socialised and chatted amongst themselves, and since Jack and I knew absolutely nobody there apart from the bride and groom we went for a wander around the venue! Its basically like an miniature arboretum so we decided to take some cute pictures ^^ 
I picked up the dress from Dotti for $10, SCORE. It has a small hole in the top layer of tulle but its barely visible so it was a bargain! Since it's so puffy its a bit too much for everyday wear so i'm glad I was able to wear it out to something! The shoes are from The Warehouse and make my feet ache like MAD. Jack had to piggyback me halfway back because my feet hurt :c Such a princess. But they are pretty cute, and were only $10 when I bought them off the sale table. Should've called myself Little Bargain-hunting Princess.
 Not sure what I'm doing in this photo hehe!
 Also found a super cute bridge! I love bridges! ^^
After we realised we'd missed the group photo...Oops... we indulged in h'orderves and played with bubbles that were used during the ceremony! ^^ Childlike but cuutee!
My lenses are from Iszo and are i.Fairy Aki Violet. They are the prettiest lenses I've had so far! ^^ I'm surprised how good the violet colour goes with my eye colour, and to be honest I couldn't stop staring at the lenses! ><

Friday, 21 December 2012

Review: Yesstyle Cosmetics

Hello Lovelies!

I've finally gotten around to reviewing the cosmetics I picked up from Yesstyle! I thought I'd put them all into one post for convenience sake and make it (sort of) brief. (: I found that the cosmetics were surprisingly good quality from Yesstyle and there was quite a wide range of companies that aren't available in New Zealand.

This blusher is SO cute! It comes with its own little puff applicator, although I wouldn't recommend using this unless you are wanting super pink cheeks, since it tends to pick up a lot of product. It has a subtle golden shimmer and is lovely pink shade.You can only see the golden shimmer  on certain angles which is ideal. It doesn't make me look  like I have super oily skin which I initially thought it might have done with the shimmer.
One of my favorite ways to wear this is as a lipstick! Or really more like a lip tint since after it's dried it stays on for a long time! ^^ I mix it with Vaseline or my Carmex lip balm so it forms a paste. This can also be used as a cream blush or cream eyeshadow although it's terrible for creasing. It reminds me of the YSL Golden Gloss which contains 24-carat gold and is super pretty and super expensive. If I was richer I'd totally buy a new pot of this blusher and make it into a permanent jar of lipstick/lip tint. I'm seriously considering it, for only $20 its not a bad deal for something I like so much! What do you guys think?

I've been wanting to try an orange lipstick/tint/blush since forever, but never really had the courage to do it because I thought it'd look awful. I decided to try Missha's tint because since I play the flute I can't really wear lipstick while playing (since I am studying for a Bachelor of Music I play every day) so daily lipstick is out for me. (Long story short I would get lipstick all over my chin if I tried to play while wearing lipstick. Not attractive.) At $20 for the tint I wasn't too worried if it turned out to look totally awful on me. Thankfully it actually looks really nice! Turns out pale girls and orange looks really pretty ^^ I'm wearing the tint as a lip colour as well as blush in these photos!

Camerawhore ><
The tint is quite light, but is very builable, and lasts for quite a long time! It has a floral scent while it's wet which isn't really very nice but it's not awful, and it goes away once the tint has dried. I find that on my bare lips the tint looks quite coral, (quite a red/orange) but if I lighten my lips with concealer it looks very peachy and cute! It also works really well as a cheek tint and it stays on for a LONG time so be careful not to apply too much at once ;)

I love double duty products, (this one is triple duty!) and since it's a tint its even better for me! The Milk Pink lip tint is very pretty, one application gives you cute light pink lips, but too many applications can lead to neon pink lips. It has a strong smell while the product is wet but fades when it is dry. It also works well as a cheek tint, but again, too much product will end up looking neon. The biggest problem I have with this tint is the applicator.. It has this sort of flat spade looking applicator which is neither functional nor aesthetically pleasing. I end up needing to use my fingertips to help get the tint onto my lips properly without making it look like huge clown lips. Hmm.
I'm wearing the tint as a lip colour as well as a blush.
I compared both of the tints I bought with my favorite ever cheek and lip tint from the body shop! 
I found that they all had very similar amount of stain and longevity, but the body shop tint has a very light scent while the others were rather .. scentfull... 

This is the body shop tint as a lip tint as well as cheek tint. Super cute and natural!  One of my must-have products.
 Missha - Byulstang - Body shop (freshly applied)
 (after 2 minutes)
With the applicators together, the pink one just looks silly really, its not practical at all. Apparently its silicone. Go figure.
 The eye shimmer on the Byulstang Eye Tine really nice and pretty and has large glitter particles in it. I personally think its really cute and I wear it in my inner tear ducts and also the center section of my lower lash-line. Since it's a colourless/silvery glitter it doesn't reflect all the time, but when it does it doesn't look as overwhelming and disco glittery as I thought it might. I love that the applicator is short and thick as it tickles my eyes less! 
 This eye and lip tint was around $20, and I would definitely consider buying the other colour in this range!

This Tear Drop Liner is a very well known product. I chose the pearl tear because the reviews told me it would have a white/pink shimmer. while the Byulstang Eye and Lip Tint would have a silvery shimmer. I find the brush on this to be a little too small for my liking, its very tickelish trying to apply around the tear duct and since I have to keep swiping to get enough product on my tear ducts sometimes I end up with too much product because i'm compensating for how little the brush covers. Does that make sense? >< Again this was around $20 and it is very pretty to be honest. I wasn't sure how much i'd love having pink shimmery eyes but since it changes with the light it's actually rather nice! Also it stays on for quite a long time so thats a bonus! :D
See the size of brush difference? Can barely even see the Etude House Tear Liner ><
 I find that the Etude House Tear Liner is more like a subtle shimmer while the Byulstang Eye Tint is rather glittery! But I love both of the products either way!

You can find my separate reviews on the cute Skin79 BB cream miniatures here! ^^
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