Friday, 4 December 2015

First Impression: Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum from Skinfood! I was really intrigued about this product after seeing some of the Black Sugar line being positively mentioned on Asian Beauty Reddit, so when I saw two sample sachets of this Serum chilling in my sample drawer I decided it would be a good time to give them a go!

 What Does It Do?
"Black Sugar Perfect First Serum & Cotton Pad

Skin-Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Effects. A first serum that provides exfoliating, brightening, wrinkle-smoothing and hydrating benefits in a single formula. Use daily for soft, smooth skin. Cotton Pad : "Wipe and Pat Skin" How to Use Black Sugar Perfect First Serum.

How to use
Black Sugar Perfect First Serum : Immediately after cleansing, pour a generous amount onto a cotton pad and wipe over the face. Emollients may settle at the bottom of the bottle, but that does not affect the product’s effects. Just shake well before use. Cotton Pad : Use immediately after cleansing. Pour onto a cotton pad. Using the cleaning side of the pad, gently wipe skin to remove dead skin cells and impurities. Using the absorbent side of the pad,gently "pat" the skin to absorb the serum remaining on the pad."(1)
I was shocked at the water like texture of this serum! Usually when I think of serums I think of thicker products, definitely not such a thin textured toner like texture. It has an odd scent, not super sweet like sugar, but not floral or candy like either. It's easy to spread on the face using a cotton pad and absorbs quickly, leaving a slightly sticky residue on the skin. My skin immediately felt more moisturised and in the morning I noticed that my skin was subtly brighter, most likely due to the niacinamide in the ingredient list.

Would I Purchase This Product?
Yes! I love the results that I get from this product, I haven't had visible brightening in such a long time! My skin felt moisturised and plump, I can't tell you about the anti-aging effects of this product since I only used two sample sachets, but it does no harm to my skin, plumps it up and makes it look bright, what more could I ask for?

I would definitely recommend this Serum for any Princesses looking for a light serum to moisturise and brighten the skin! ^.^


  1. I'm glad to hear that it's a great product that delivers good results. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Azu

  2. Is this good for acne-prone, oily skin? I really want some products to help brighten my skin! (I'm a beginner to Korean skincare :D;;) I think I need this!! *__*

  3. Hi, first of all i see you make a good review of this product :)
    I just made an English subtitles for the CF of Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum.

    I hope this helps making your reviews even better, if you don’t mind ^^


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