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Review: Skin79 BB Cream Miniatures

Hello Lovelies!

Today I will be reviewing the  Skin79 BB Cream Minature (Black) series from Yesstyle! It took a while for me to be able to finish trying out all of the BB Creams since they are all slightly different shades, and two of them were too dark for me at the time that I purchased them. 

**(This post has been edited to show some better pictures ^^ I have included the old ones too!)**
The Miniature set costs $18USD and comes with four 5g BB Creams. I think they are well worth the money because you can try them out in the comfort of your own home and see if you like the shade, texture, consistency as well as trying out things like oil control and coverage, without shelling out a lot of money for something that looked great swatched on your arm, but looks like an oily mess on your face. I speak very much from experience here!

The miniature set contains:

  • Super BB Cream (Hot Pink)
  • Diamond The Prestige BB Cream
  • Super BB Cream (VIP Gold)
  • Diamond Pearl Luminous BB Cream
  •  The Super BB Cream (Hot Pink) is one of their most famous BB Creams, and certainly is something I've been wanting to try out! But every time I swatch it, it seems that the colour is way too dark for me. As for the other three BB Creams in the set, I haven't seen rave reviews on them, but Skin79 is a well known brand, and well, at about $4.50USD each, I'd give anything a try!

    Starting off with swatches of all of the BB Creams. I found that the Super BB Cream (Hot Pink) and Diamond the Prestige BB Cream were rather thick in texture, while the Super BB Cream (VIP Gold) was pretty thin and the Diamond Pearl Luminous BB Cream was extremely runny. (I swatched the BB Creams in order with the pictures to avoid confusion!) The colours are also per-ordered from the darkest on the right to the lightest shade of the left. Handy! They all had little to no scent.

     I decided to include my previously owned BB Creams for comparison
    On the left is the Hanskin Silky BB Cream which I found in a drugstore in Taiwan, on the left is Missha's Signature Complete BB Cream in shade 21.
    These are my every day BB Creams. The Hanskin BB Cream is the perfect shade for me, while the Missha BB Cream is good for my summer shade, but also pretty good if I use it sparingly.
     (Freshly applied swatch)
    (Oxidized swatch)
    You can see that some of the BB Creams are quite dark on me, and also the Diamond Pearl Luminous BB Cream is very very sparkly! The photo doesn't do it justice, it is very sparkly and shiny.  

    The Super BB Cream (Hot Pink) was my third favorite of the bunch. I have left all of the photos UN-edited so you can all see the result of the BB Creams.
     Things I Love
    • Smooth, thick consistency, easy to apply
    • Dewy, but not oily finish

     Things I Don't Love
    • Didn't even out my skin tone
    • Didn't cover my large pores
    • Didn't cover my darker acne scars
    • Only comes in one shade, and is too dark

    The Diamond the Prestige BB Cream was my favorite! (The photo is from my phone, so terrible quality I'm so sorry!)

    Things I Love
    •  Suitable shade for my skin tone
    • Smooth, thick consistency, easy to apply
    • Dewy, but not oily finish
    • Covering for larger pores
    • Fairly covering for darker scars

    Things I Don't Love
    • Hmm, Nothing!

     The Super BB Cream (VIP Gold) was my second favorite.

    Things I Love
    • Thinner consistency, easy to spread
    • Dewy, but not oily finish
    • Covering for larger pores
    • Covering for lighter scars

    Things I Don't Love
    • A tiny bit too dark for my skin tone
    • Not quite enough to cover darker acne scars

     The Diamond Pearl Luminous BB Cream was my Least favorite! The photos I have do not do justice to the shininess.. My camera isn't really the best!
     Things I Love
    • It does match my skin tone 

    Things I Don't Love
    • Extremely Shiny. Glittery, reminds me of the Twilight vampires glittering in the sunlight. Interesting.
    • Very thin consistency, doesn't cover any scars, doesn't even cover my eyelid veins
    • Doesn't cover my pores
    • Finish looks very oily and glittery. Weird.

    Perhaps it would be a good BB Cream for people with dry or dull skin? It is WAY too shiny for me!
     But I am enjoying my new dress ^^ 

     In conclusion, it was nice to be able to try these BB Cream Miniatures, although I could only get two to three uses out of them! 


    1. You look perfect in that last look, I adore the dress, so elegant!

    2. I guess the great thing about those minis is that you know that when you get the full size product, it's what you want! I am keen to try the Skin79 BBs in orange and pink - those seem like they'd be most ideal for my skin. Do you usually powder after applying your BB? x

    3. Better late than never! I'm so glad I found your blog Pale people unite! Also that dress is AMAZING

    4. I love your dress! This is a great idea, I hope they still sell these sets because I'd like to try all of these to get the right colour for my skin. They look really dewy even in the swatches. Thanks for posting x

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