Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Review and Giveaway: Born Pretty Store French Edge Water Decal

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be showing you some super cute floral french tip water decals! I'm all about water decals because they make my nail art look super fancy with very little effort (and also because I'm terrible at nail art, just terrible). These decals were kindly sponsored from Born Pretty Store, thank you BPS!
These water decals are called French Edge Nail Art Water Decals Transfer Stickers Camellia Pattern Flower Sticker - B058, but for simplicity let's just call them French Water Decals, because that name is quite long.

The nail decals have a beautiful purple floral pattern that is absolutely perfect for summer! They're longer and wider than my natural nails which is actually a good thing since I have regular to small nails. You can always cut the decals to be shorter or wider, but you can't make them longer or wider for Princesses that have bigger natural nails. 
These decals worked exactly as the should have and were super easy to apply. They lasted really well, but this all depends on which topcoat you apply to how long it lasts. I found that cutting the decals to more or less match my nail length worked the best, because if they were too long the curled up onto the nail after top coating and wrecked the pattern.
I also made a quick video on how to apply these cute french tips!

 I'm also doing a small international giveaway with Born Pretty Store, and I'm giving away some of my favorite nail art products including the ones in this photo! All you need to do is "like" my video, leave a comment, and subscribe to my Youtube channel to enter.  

What I Love
-Super cute
- Easy to apply
- Long lasting
- Well priced ($1.99USD)

What I Don't Love
- Nail shapes are too large for my nails
- Need to be cut down at the tips to avoid curling

Final Thoughts
I really liked these decals! They make my nails look elegant, they were really easy to apply and well priced. I would totally recommend these, and will be purchasing more in different patterns from Born Pretty Store! ^.^ 

If you want to order from Born Pretty Store make sure you use my code "LPP10K31" for an extra 10% off your total!


  1. Very pretty! You're so good at nails, can you do mine sometime? They look like tree logs. :<

    1. Thank you Airi! ^.^ Oooh yes if you ever come to New Zealand you can come visit me and have your nails painted! ;)

  2. Wow!!! how amazing!!! I love the designs!! I never really tried any decals before,must try this one soon!!! <3

    love lots,

    1. I definitely recommend them! They're just so easy and so cute!

  3. These are really really pretty! An easy way to get cute looking nails ~

    Liz ~ x

    1. Totally! They look super fancy but are really just like stick ons haha.

  4. Hi Becca,
    Thank you for the 10% off code on
    You have a great blog.:)


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