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Review: Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lips! Surely this should be named Tomato Jelly Lip Tints, but that's not whats printed on the actual packaging. I've wanted to try these little tinted balms for quite some time now, I do love tinted lip balms but I am quite picky with the texture, colour and taste. These products are not new, but since they have been around for quite a while now I would consider them to be more of a KBeauty classic.

A long-lasting jelly lip tint like no other. Retain color and moisture when wearing this tint, with its build-able color your can amp up your look from a strong red lip, to an angelic baby pink lip. Tomato Extract helps nourish and brighten darkened lips, giving your lips a lasting flush of color.
These tinted balms come in pretty boring, but functional packaging. Since they are from the Tomato line they have a red, plastic outer with a simple Tomato on the front. There are four shades in the collection and they all look pretty similar to me.
Even on the lips I am hard pressed to find something that different about them. There are slight differences, like Orange Tomato is more orange toned, but all in all this is a collection that nobody needs all four shades from.
Cherry Tomato
Cherry Tomato is the darkest balm and has a small amount of glitter throughout the formula.
This is a pretty colour, but I don't get too much wear out of it because it is the darkest and will have the most obvious looking patches when it wears off. These balms stain my lips quite well, but bear in mind that they are tinted lip balms and that you should expect these to last a long time. If you need longevity, choose a lip tint or lipstick instead (pet peeve!). I can't actually see the little glitters on my lips in real life, though if you do look closely you can see some.
Berry Tomato
Berry Tomato is a super sheer pink shade.
This is the lightest shade on my lips, even though Milk Tomato swatches lighter it actually oxidizes on my lips like a colour changing lipstick. This is a pretty balm, but it almost doesn't show up on my lips at all, the colour is just so subtle! It's subtle to the point that I may as well be wearing a clear balm and not a tinted balm which does defeat the purpose a little. I do find these balms to be quite moisturising for my lips, and they're definitely flattering on my dry lips too so I don't see any flakiness.
Orange Tomato
Orange Tomato is an ever so slightly orange toned pink.
This shade is slightly more warm and orange toned than the other three shades, but you really do have to look pretty hard to see the orange tint! This balm shows up a little darker than Berry Tomato and actually ends up looking like a pretty nice colour on my skin tone. I really enjoy that these balms don't have a strong scent or taste, there is a little scent there but I'm not sure what it is and I can't taste it which is ideal for me!
Milk Tomato
Milk Tomato is a pale pink shade.
This is my favourite shade in the collection, it looks like my lips but better, and you can actually still see the colour. I travel a fair bit for music and I play the flute, meaning that I can't wear any sticky lip products, so this tinted balm has actually been a solid favourite of mine for music travel. All of the shades are really easy to apply and have a really nice texture. With some tinted balms they can be too soft, this results in the balm being pushes around your lips and since it's tinted you can quite often see little tide marks on the lips where the balm has shifted.
What I Love
- Simple, functional packaging
- Super easy to apply
- Moisturising for the lips
- Leave a really pretty stain
- Don't taste bad or have too thick of a texture

What I Don't Love
- All of the colours basically look the same

Final Thoughts
I am pleasantly surprised with how much I like the formula of these lip balms, but actually really disappointed with the colour selection. The colours just all look the same to me which is annoying because I really would have liked more selection since the formula works so well for me. It's definitely a range that I don't think most people will want or need all four shades in! I absolutely love the shade Milk Tomato, it's the perfect colour and it looks so flattering on my lips, so this is the shade that I will end up keeping, however, the other three shades will go to a new home because they are just too similar.

I would recommend the Skinfood Tomato Jelly Tint Lip to any Princesses looking for a beautiful tinted lip balm!

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