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Review: Peripera Airy Ink Velvet F/W2017

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet Fall/Winter 2017 collection! I reviewed the first five shades in July this year, and liked them so much that I decided to grab the new colours for Fall and Winter even though I don't particularly like brown shades.
This lip tint glides on smoothly, offering vivid color and a soft, velvety texture to your lips. The enriched formula keeps your lips moist and glossy without feeling sticky.
These tints come in the same packaging as the regular version, but the outer plastic is frosted which makes them a little more unique. It's a little harder to tell the colours of these shades since they are all brown toned, I do have to compare the ink drop on the front to figure out which shade is which! They have really lovely doe foot applicators, and these applicators actually have a small hole in the center to help with the sheerer application. There are five shades in the collection, and this collection is based on brown toned shades.
It Brown Orange
It Brown Orange is a very orange based brown shade like the name would suggest.
This is probably my least favourite shade out of the collection, though I actually think that it looks quite nice on my skintone! I find these tints quite easy to apply, the only thing that annoys me about the application is how little of the wand there is to hold on to!
My Brown Coral
My Brown Coral is a pretty brown toned coral.
This is a very wearable shade for me and one that I really enjoy wearing on an everyday basis. This shade as well as the lighter pink Dry Rose Brown can be slightly streaky since they are lighter colours. I find that a lot of my natural lip colours shows through these two shades which will make them look different in comparison to other people with different lip colours.
Glimpse Brick Brown
Glimpse Brick Brown is a pretty mid toned brown shade.
I feel a little ambivalent with this shade. I don't actively like it or dislike it, I think it looks flattering on my skin tone but it's really not a shade that I reach for on a regular basis. I find these lip tints to be quite flattering on my dry lips in the sense that they don't emphasise any flakiness or wrinkles, but this does not mean that they are moisturising! I find that my lips start feeling dry with about 3 hours of wear, but I can apply a lip balm over the top.
Legend Brown Red
Legend Brown Red is a really pretty rosy brown shade.
This is one of my favourite shades to wear! I find the colour to be flattering for my skin tone and it's a colour that I can pick up and wear every day. These tints do not dry down to be smudge proof, but they do stain my lips and last throughout the day quite nicely. The tend to build up around the inside of my lip line, but this isn't a big deal for me.
Dry Rose Brown
Dry Rose Brown is (unsurprisingly) my favourite shade in the collection.
I really enjoy wearing pink shades, and this is no exception. In the promo pictures this shade looks a lot dustier and darker, whereas on me it just looks like a normal rosy pink. I think the promo photos for these shades have been enhanced and the colours changed slightly, though this difference in colour could be to do with my skin tone as well as the actual colour of my lips mixing with the colour of this tint.
What I Love
Inexpensive at around $6/7USD each
- Cute, functional packaging
- Easy to apply
- Super thin texture, really good for dry lips
- Easy to create a full lip or gradient lip look
- Beautiful colour range
- Good longevity and staining power

What I Don't Love
- Wands are a little difficult to hold

Final Thoughts
I love the texture and formula of the tints, they are so lightweight, but still stains my lips nicely and lasts well throughout the day. They also look really flattering on my lips when they are on the drier side which is becoming a regular occurrence during winter. I think these tints are well suited to any Princesses who like the shade range, because they are well priced and would work with most lip types too, whereas the regular velvet line is a little thicker and can emphasize some lip flaws. There is a new line called Cloud Ink Velvet which I am very interested in trying out too, so if you would like a review for the Cloud Ink Velvet line please do let me know!

I would recommend the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet tints to any Princesses looking for lip tints that have a beautiful colour range, are super lightweight, but still last well throughout the day.

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