Sunday, 31 December 2017

Review: Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow! I actually got this brow product in one of my Beauteque BB Bags and was so intrigued by it that I knew that I had to review it.
High resistance against water, sweat, and sebum, keeping your brows in place wherever you go. This dipping-in type Ink Brow provides you a highly long-lasting and naturally shaped eyebrows.
This brow ink comes packaged in a very cute little bottle. This is exactly the same size and shape as the Peripera tints too which is actually very cute. There is a little owl face on the front which looks a little like angry birds. It has an interesting applicator, it's as big as the head of my brow and bigger than the tail which makes it very difficult to apply the product. I have the shade Deep Brown which is the darkest shade in the range, though it's not as dark is what I would usually wear.
I prefer using an angled liner brush to apply this product because it gives me a nicer, crisper finish. Check out the youtube video to see me applying it with the applicator included! I'm not the biggest fan of the colour, it's more like a milk chocolate shade, whereas my brows are very dark and very cool toned. I chose to apply this over my scarred brow, and it does adhere well to the scar, but you can really see how light the colour is. This is a long wearing ink product, and I find that it lasts all day long without smudging. It also is literally smudgeproof, I can rub my brows and it still doesn't smear, but does fade slightly.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Easy to apply with an angled brush
- Creates beautiful sculpted brows
- Smudgeproof
- Lasts all day

What I Don't Love
- Wand is bigger than my brows and cumbersome to use
- Colour is quite light

Final Thoughts
This is a really cool brow product, but because the colour just doesn't match my hair it's not a product that I get use out of. I am quite disappointed that there are only two colours in the range because it means that I don't get to use it! I also think that the applicator is way too big, it's just too cumbersome to use nicely and I tend to overdraw my brows when using it, but this is easily fixed by just using an angled brush. I think the product itself is actually really awesome since it's super smudgeproof, but I am disappointed in the lack of shades and the chunky applicator.

I would recommend the Peripera Wholly Deep Ink Brow to any Princesses looking for a super smudgeproof brow product, as long as you fit into the two shades!

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