Monday, 4 December 2017

Review: Etude House All Day Perfect Any Cushion

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House All Day Perfect Any Cushion! I picked up this cushion in the shade Pure quite a few months ago meaning to review it, but more interesting base products came along and it got pushed further and further away. Regardless, I am here today to talk about it!
Perfect cover, smooth adherence, absolutely long-lasting! Any Cushion All Day Perfect provides long-lasting perfect, elastic makeup.
This cushion has quite a cute casing, it's pink which I really like and quite slim in comparison to most cases. There is a small mirror inside as well as a nice cushion puff to apply the cushion with. This is especially helpful if you like to take your base out with you for touch ups or if you travel frequently.
I chose the shade Pure which is very pale and neutral to warm toned! I'm incredibly impressed by the shade, however there are only 6 shades in total, and the darkest shade "Tan" isn't really that dark.
In comparison to my perfect shade which is Nars Sheer Glow in Sibera it is pretty close in colour!
I find this cushion to be a little difficult to apply, I really have to push it into my skin otherwise it leaves a streaky or patchy finish. Sometimes the best result comes from me using the cushion puff to swipe the product on rather than patting it on gently.
It has very light coverage and isn't buildable. I find that if I try to build up coverage it just ends up looking cakey and breaks down substantially more throughout the day. It does give me a really nice dewy finish, and a my skin but better look.
After an 8 hour day I find that this cushion holds up pretty well with oil control, but it does get quite cakey around my nose and mouth. It is a little annoying, but it's not the end of the world.
What I Love
- Cute, practical packaging
- Pure is a great pale, warm toned shade
- Pretty dewy finish
- Good oil control

What I Don't Love
- Slightly difficult to apply
- Very little coverage and is not buildable
- Gets a little cakey around nose and mouth

Final Thoughts
This is quite an interesting cushion for me, I really like the colour but I find it a little difficult to work with. I have really tried to make this work for me because the colour is so close, and to be honest I have actually used up the whole cushion already. I am considering purchasing a refill because the colour is quite good, and it's cheaper than my Laneige cushion (which has a really similar colour and works better for my skin). It's in no way perfect, it has very little coverage and isn't buildable and it's just a little annoying to apply, but it has a really nice warm toned, pale shade that suits my skin.

I would recommend the Etude House All Day Perfect Any Cushion to any Princesses looking for an inexpensive, pale, warm toned cushion foundation that won't break the bank!

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