Friday, 15 December 2017

Review: Etude House Drawing Show Easygraphy Brush Liner

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Drawing Show Easygraphy Brush Liner in the shade Deep Navy. I picked this liner up when I did my full face of Etude House and I was really quite on the fence about whether I liked this eye liner or not!
Keeps a long-lasting vivid line without smearing for a whole day. Create a line from beginning to end along the lash line.
This eyeliner comes in cute navy blue blue packaging which looks green to me, and has an interesting ink "window" that shows you how much product is left, though I don't find the window to be accurate at all. It has a slanted brush tip that is quite thin, but has trouble sticking together so does result in some skipping of the liner when it's being applied. I have the shade Deep Navy which I really like the colour of.
I do struggle slightly with the functionality and ease of application with this liner. I find that the brush tip skips over the tops of my eyes (though it does make a really pretty wing) and it's really difficult to redraw or straighten the lines if you mess them up because the liner will pull off little sections of the eyeliner on your eye which makes it look quite patchy. I don't have any issues with the longevity of this liner, it doesn't rub off easily throughout the day and it doesn't transfer to my upper lid.
What I Love
- Pretty inexpensive at around $8USD
- Cute, functional packaging
- Deep Navy is a really pretty colour
- Fairly big ink size at 1g
- Lasts really well throughout the day

What I Don't Love
- The brush tip is neat, but it doesn't work that well
- Can't redraw lines easily

Final Thoughts
I'm still very much on the fence about whether I like this liner or not. On one hand I really like the colour and the longevity, it also doesn't run out after 2 or 3 uses like the Maybelline Master Precise (such a rip off) because it has a larger than usual ink tank at 1gram. However, it is a little bit of a pain to apply because the brush tip skips quite a lot over my eye which creates jagged lines, then when I go to straighten up the lines it starts to remove the dried liner underneath which makes it look patchy ad even worse. If I am super careful I can get it right with no issues, and then I love this eyeliner. If I get it wrong, it's super super annoying. I do like it enough that I bought a second liner because my first ran out just as I wanted to film the application for this review and I don't feel like I wasted my money, but I still prefer my Holy Grail Dolly Wink liner!

I would recommend the Etude House Drawing Show Easygraphy Brush Liner to any Princesses looking for a really pretty navy liquid liner with great longevity! 

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