Thursday, 14 December 2017

Review: It's Skin Babyface Petit Highlighter

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the It's Skin Babyface Petit Highlighters! I have tried quite a few products from the Babyface range so far including the Finish Beams which were just a little too intense for me, so I decided to grab the Highlighters too! I think the entire Babyface line is just super cute, but I actually haven't had much success with the products.
Satin silky usage gives soft application. High shine soft pearl fill skin with light. Gives elegant skin tone giving glowing look.
These highlighters come in the standard Babyface packaging, I'm still sad that only the outer packaging has the cute little angel wings, but you can actually cut the wings off the packaging and literally glue it to the plastic packaging. The packaging is on the bigger side and they are a little hard to store because they have round lids. There are cute angel faces on the powders themselves which looks so cute, but these are almost entirely erased after the first use. They include a round puff in these highlighters which is pretty useless, they don't pick up the highlighter well and the distribute it in circles which is just a little silly.
There are two shades in the highlight range, a Pink and a Gold. The pink is super sheer and I really struggle to see it on the arm swatch or on my skin. The gold is pretty bright and definitely has a more obvious highlighted look for my skin, though because it is a darker shade it tends to give me a shadowed effect when you look at me face on.
01 Pink Satin
Pink Satin is a super sheer pink shade. I have to apply quite a lot of this highlight to my skin to get it to show up even a little, and it is quite a powdery shade. I find a smaller denser brush picks up these highlights much better than a fan brush does. I really struggle to see this highlighter on my cheeks, it gives a very faint pink highlight. I was actually surprised at how pink the highlight looks considering the arm swatch almost looks white.
02 Gold Satin
Gold Satin is a pretty almost bronze gold shade. This shade is much more pigmented than the Pink shade, and a lot easier to apply. It shows up really well on my skin and looks gorgeous when you look at it from a side on perspective. However when I look straight you can see a shadow where the highlight is, meaning that it is a little too dark for my skintone. I'm not surprised at that considering it's more of a bronzey gold shade, I think it would suit darker skintones more than it suits mine.
What I Love
- Pretty inexpensive at $4USD each
- Cute packaging
- Easy to apply with a small, dense brush
- Gold shows up well on my skin (though it's too dark for me)

What I Don't Love
- Quite bulky and hard to store
- Puffs inside are useless
- Pink shade is quite sheer and powdery
- Gold shade is too dark for my skin tone and creates shadows

Final Thoughts
These highlights are really cute, but they don't work that well for me. The pink shade is super sheer and powdery, it also looks unnatural on me because it is so pink. The Gold shade looks really beautiful from side on, but straight on it creates a shadow where the highlight is which is really disappointing. I think the Gold shade is better quality than the Pink shade, it's easier to use and it actually looks like a proper highlighter on the skin, so it's definitely a shade that I would recommend to Princesses with slighter darker skin than mine. The Pink shade is something that I would recommend to Princesses who are wanting a really pink looking highlight, but you will have to be prepared to pack it on because it's quite sheer! All in all these highlights are not for me, but luckily they are really cute and inexpensive!

I would recommend the It's Skin Babyface Petit Highlighters to any Princesses looking for super cute highlighters in pink and gold!

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