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Review: Skinfood Fresh Fruits Extraction Tint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Fresh Fruits Extraction Tints! I picked these up quite a while ago when I did a full face of Skinfood products, and I thought these looked like really lovely colours!
A fresh fruit juice tint that refreshes your lips and mood with a 100% vitalizing color full of the fresh energy of fruit. 100% of the vitalizing energy of fresh fruits is extracted without any loss, just like a fruit juice maintaining the taste and color of its ingredients! Contains Fruity Juice Extraction™ to provide rich moisture all over your lips. A highly concentrated juice color tints your lips, just like when you first applied it, to maintain vivid color all day long with a single drop.
There are five shades in this collection, I have three in mini size because there is no way that I would ever get through a full size tint and this is a much more cost effective way of reviewing products. The full size packaging is really cute and functional, the doe foot wand is on a slight angle which actually makes it a lot easier to apply.
The shade range is actually really pretty and differs slightly from the normal Kbeauty range of shades which would normally just include a bright red, bright orange, and bright pink. I particularly like the inclusion of the pinkey nude shade!
Spicy Drink
Spicy Drink is a muted warm toned red shade.
This is a very pretty shade on my skin tone and one that I have worn a fair few times! These tints have a milky texture and dry down matte and mostly smudgeproof. They are quite drying for my lips so I do need to use a lip balm over the top
Apple Ginger Tonic
Apple Ginger Tonic is a gorgeous apple shade.
I particularly like this shade, it's a really flattering shade for me and one that I can pick up and pair with most of my outfits. These tints are incredibly annoying to apply, if I try to apply them sparingly and build the colour up they are really streaky, these work best when you use quite a lot of the product. But at the same time, if you use a lot of the product it becomes hard to get the colour even and it can get really blotchy around my lip line.
Carrot Energy
Carrot Energy is a vibrant orange shade.
This shade is not my favourite as usual, I don't particularly like orange shades on my skin tone! I do find these tints to be quite drying for my lips, I do need to wear a lip balm when I wear these tints!
Raspberry Blend
Raspberry Blend is a really pretty berry shade.
This is a really beautiful shade and one that I find myself reaching for quite often! I find that this lip tints have really poor longevity, especially for a watery tint which usually adheres really well to the lips and wears for quite some time. This is what my lips look like after three hours, they're extremely patchy which I really dislike.
 Berry Fine Day
Berry Fine Day is a beautiful pinkey nude shade.
This is quite a unique shade in the KBeauty world, but one that I really enjoy. This shade is particularly difficult to work with because it is much sheerer and lighter than the other shades, it does tend to look patchy on the first application. I do love the shade, but it only looks like this for about half an hour to one hour at most which is so disappointing.
What I Love
- Inexpensive at $6USD each
- Cute, functional packaging
- Beautiful shade range
- They dry down matte and mostly smudgeproof

What I Don't Love
- Super annoying to apply
- Quite drying
- Awful wear time

Final Thoughts
These lip tints have such beautiful shades, but they are just so annoying to apply and don't wear well. It's quite strange because the product description specifically says that the tints wear "all day" with only "one drop" which is completely untrue because I need to apply so much of the tint to get these gorgeous vibrant colours, but they only last for two hours really, by the time I get to the three hour mark I am absolutely dying to reapply which is frustrating. I feel like I would actually go through the product quite fast too, considering how much I need to apply for a good initial application, and how often I have to reapply. They have beautiful shades, but they're just too fiddly for me to be using regularly.

I would recommend the Skinfood Fresh Fruits Extraction Tint to any Princesses looking for lip tints in cute colours, as long as they don't mind reapplying them quite often!

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  1. The colours really do look amazing, but it's a shame they're so annoying to apply :/ any other recommendations for lip tints that are a bit easier?


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