Thursday, 7 December 2017

Review: A'Pieu Pastel Blusher Collection (Marymond Edition)

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu Pastel Blusher Collection Marymond Edition! As soon as I saw how absolutely beautiful the packaging of these blushes was, I knew that I had to have them even though they're a little more expensive than what I would usually spend.
 Pastel like colors naturally colors the cheeks. A single touch colors the cheeks with vigor. Long lasting sebum powder maintains the colors.
There are two palettes, a pink palette and an orange palette. The packaging of these blushes is so pretty, the pink palette has a blue background and the orange palette has a purple background. Even though the packaging is super cute, the quality isn't really that high, both of the mirrors on my palettes are not glued in properly and they rattle quite a lot which is very disappointing.
Dear Magnolia
Dear Magnolia has three pink shades. The shades don't actually have names which makes them a little hard to review and describe, but for all of the swatches I have just put them in the order that they come in the palette. All three pink shades are really cute, though I find that the darker two look quite similar on my skin. The lightest pink looks a lot more pink on my face than it does in the arm swatch, it's quite a wearable everyday shade for me.
I find the blushes very easy to apply, though the lighter shades require more than one layer for good pigmentation. I would rather build a blush up than have to sheer it out, so this aspect does not bother me at all. Dear Magnolia is my favourite out of the two palettes (what a surprise) and is one that has come travelling with me because it has such a big mirror and three shades. So handy! I find that all the blushes last really well throughout the day for me too.
Letters from You
Letters From You has three orange toned shades. I was initially very wary of these shades because I really don't wear orange tones all that much, however I found all three of these oranges to be quite wearable! I prefer to use a lighter hand with the lightest of the orange blushes because I find it to be quite orange (duh) and not the most flattering on my skintone. My favourite shade is the middle orange shade, this is more of a peach tone which I think is really flattering for an every day look.
The darkest orange is surprisingly nice on my skintone, though again I do need to use a light hand so it doesn't completely overwhelm my face. It almost looks like a dark peach which I think is really cute. This palette doesn't get as much love from as as the pink palette, but I think the orange tones in it are really pretty and will definitely get used for me!
What I Love
- Gorgeous packaging
- Massive mirror which is great for travel
- Beautiful shade range
- Easy to apply
- Last well throughout the day

What I Don't Love
- More on the expensive side at between $13-20USD
- The quality of the packaging is a little poor (poorly glued in mirrors)

Final Thoughts
I am such a fan of these cute little blushes, though I really wish that the mirrors were glued in properly for the price they are. They are between $13-20USD each which is on the higher side, but if you take into account the three shades as well as the massive mirror and sturdy packaging, they really are well worth the price. I find these pallets really useful for traveling too since the mirror is so big I don't need to take a hand mirror with me, and you get the option of three different shades of pink or orange in the one pallet. They're cute, easy to apply and have really pretty shades, so I am definitely loving these!

I would recommend the A'Pieu Pastel Blusher Collection (Marymond Edition) to any Princesses looking for super cute blush pallets that would be great for travel!

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