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Review: The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tint! I got the Cherry shade from a Beauteque box and of course decided that I should try then entire line since I had one shade! I also couldn't resist the super cute packaging!
Water type tint gives moisture absorption with light fresh finish, honey extract, hyaluronic acid and other ingredients prevents from drying. One touch gives vivid color with bright light on face, gives vivid long lasting color. High molecular light gel structure aqua keeping matrix gives inner lips active ingredients preventing from drying. Water color spreading method, gives clean soft color fills curved lips with non removing long lasting.
These lip tints come housed in incredibly cute packaging, they look like little sweets! The packaging is pretty functional, though the wand applicator is a little hard to hold because it's so small. It's easy tell them apart since the candy wrapper is a different colour on the packaging so I know which one I'm reaching for.
There are five shades in the collection and I'm actually pretty disappointed with the colour range. Four out of five shades look similar, so you end up with a whole bunch of red lip tints. Each shade has it's own very strong scent and taste which for the most part is quite pleasant.
Cherry is a pretty cherry red shade.
This is a pretty shade, but it looks more or less like the other shades. This shade smells and tastes like cherry candy which I quite enjoy. In general these tints are pretty easy to apply and they're very pigmented. They stain my lips evenly and don't accentuate any dry patches.
Apple is another pretty red shade.
Apple is slightly brighter and more red toned than Cherry is, though this is me being very picky to see the differences. It has a really lovely sour apple scent and taste that I particularly love. I do find that these tints feather quite a bit around the outline of my lips, though you can't see this from a distance.
Red Mango
Red Mango is an orange toned red.
This is a pretty shade, though it looks fairly similar to the next shade. I really dislike the scent and taste of this shade, it smells like soapy mango and I find it to be a really unpleasant bitter taste. This is another flattering shade on my skin tone, but it looks too similar to the other shades for me to need all of them.
Soft Persimmon
Soft Persimmon is a vibrant orange shade.
I do not like orange shades on my skin tone, though this does lean a little towards an orange toned red so I can still wear it, though it's not my favourite. This shade has a very interesting scent, it smells quite sweet, almost like candy floss and vanilla which is quite pleasant and unexpected. These tints have fairly good longevity for up to 5-6 hours before needing reapplication. They do pretty well through eating and drinking, though the center does wear off as would be expected.
Watermelon is a pretty mid toned pink shade.
Watermelon looks a little different to the other shades because it is a lighter pink, though it's still quite similar. It has a really nice watermelon scent and taste which makes it quite pleasant to wear. This is probably the shade that I get the most wear out of because it's a little less intense than the four other red shades!
What I Love
- Pretty inexpensive at around $5USD each
- Super cute packaging
- Individually scented
- Quite easy to apply
- Initially flattering on dry lips
- Fairly good longevity for up to 6 hours

What I Don't Love
- Colour range is too similar
- They feather quite badly
- They dry my lips out with extended wear

Final Thoughts
These lip tints have really cute packaging and a fairly nice formula for water tints. However, the colour range is so disappointing because they all look the same, there is no variety in colour so I don't think most people would want the entire range. I find them quite nice to apply and they initially make my lips look quite pretty, but after about 6 hours I will definitely need some lip balm because water tints do tend to dry out my lips. I am mostly disappointed with the colour range, but if you're looking for many different shades of red this could be a great range for you to try out.

I would recommend the  The Saem Saemmul Water Candy Tints to any Princesses looking for super cute candy shaped watery lip tints, as long as you quite like red shades!

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