Monday, 11 December 2017

Review: A'Pieu X Rilakkuma Air Fit Tension Pact

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu X Rilakkuma Air Fit Tension Pact! I bought the Bboyan shade (which I have no idea how to pronounce properly) which looked like it was a lovely pale shade, but there wasn't really that much information on what Bboyan is and why it's not part of the numbering system like the other shades 21 and 23. However, the casing has Korilakkuma on the front which was too cute for me to resist!

3500 fine hole mesh net, even retouch gives even and light application. Moisture tension formula gives moist without grease for silky looking skin. Gives clear skin, non darkening clean skin for long hours. Aloe vera and tea tree extract gives gentle use on sensitive skin.
The packaging of this cushion really is very cute, it has Korilakkuma on the front and even includes a cute Rilakkuma cushion puff! As usual this cushion casing is very sturdy, contains a decent sized mirror and space for the cushion puff inside which makes them ideal for travel.
The cushion puff is super cute, but it's quite thin so it doesn't pick up that much product. I don't think that the cushion puff is the best quality, but hey it's cute! The cushion itself has a hygiene seal and underneath is the product. This is a tension pact, so calling it a cushion isn't technically correct. It has a fine mesh over the top of a cream product, the mesh makes it a lot easier to pick up the correct amount of the cream product and helps it stay travel friendly.
I have the shade Bboyan, which roughly means soft, milky white in Korean (translating stolen from the Jolse review) this shade is very pale and neutral toned which is nice, but it almost disappears into my skin as I blend it out.
 In comparison to my perfect shade which is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, this is much lighter. However, you can see the difference in coverage and pigment in comparison, the cushion looks much more like a tinted moisturizer.
This cushion is very easy to apply. There is almost no coverage for my skin, but it does give it a lighter, brighter appearance which is not something that I necessarily need at the moment.
I don't find that this cushion makes my skin look any better, it actually emphasizes my pores a little which is quite annoying.
The biggest effect for my skin is the lighter and brighter effect. However since my skin is so warm toned, the rest of my body looks very yellow in comparison which looks unnatural to me.
I wore this cushion for 8 hours, and I didn't find the longevity or oil control to be up to my normal standards. Since there isn't that much coverage to start with, once the cushion wears down it almost looks like I'm not wearing make up at all, but just have oily skin.
I can see a little cakiness around my mouth and nose, but in reality it looks like I'm not wearing make up at all.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Very pale shade
- Easy to apply

What I Don't Love
- Extremely light coverage
- Emphasizes pores and flaws
- Very poor longevity and oil control

Final Thoughts
I'm not sure whether I am misunderstanding what this product should be used for, or if it's just not a good product for me in particular. The product description doesn't really explain very much at all, so it's really hard to know what results to expect! For me, I find that this is almost like a very pale tinted moisturiser, it lightens and brightens my skin but it doesn't provide any coverage, oil control or longevity. The brightening of the skin is not a permanent effect, it's similar to a white cast from sunscreen that would be washed off. I don't actually need a product that lightens and brightens my skin, so sadly this won't be a product that I continue to use which is a little disappointing because it is so cute!

I would recommend the A'Pieu X Rilakkuma Air Fit Tension Pact to any Princesses looking for a super cute cushion to lighten and brighten their skin! 

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