Friday, 8 December 2017

Review: Etude House Brow Contouring Kit

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Brow Contouring Kit! I picked up this brow kit because my old favourite Etude House brow kit was about 4-5 years old and really needed to be replaced, even though I hadn't even hit pan!
Flat, plain eyebrows do not match well with contoured face! Complete a defined face by brow contouring!
This contouring kit comes in really cute card packaging with little eyebrows on the top! It has a sleek functional case that has a small mirror in the lid. I do with the mirror was a little bigger though! The kit comes with two absolutely minuscule brushes which work well if you're very delicate.
There is a brown wax, two brown powder brow colours and a highlight shade. I have the Grey Brown palette, but for me I find the lighter brow powder and the wax to be quite warm toned.
I prefer using the darker brown powder shade for my everyday brows. I find the powder to be really pigmented and easy to use, I don't have to pack it on to get a good strong brow. The brow wax works well to tame unruly hairs, but I find that it looks too warm toned for me to use on it's own.
The highlighting shade is a little disappointing, it isn't very pigmented and it has a lot of fallout. It does work to brighten up my eye (I used it on my lid here) but it's not as impressive as the Perfect Brow Kit!
What I Love
- Sleek, functional packaging
- Minuscule brushes are great for travel
- Dark brown shade is great as an everyday shade

What I Don't Love
- The grey brown shades aren't very grey
- The highlight shade is has a lot of fallout

Final Thoughts
I quite enjoy using this brow kit, but I do think there are a couple of things that I would change if I had the chance. It's small, it's cute, the dark shade looks great as an everyday brow shade, and it's really portable if you're taking it travelling. I just wish that the brow gel wasn't warm toned, and the highlighter was a little more intense because it doesn't highlight anything on my skin tone.

I would recommend the Etude House Brow Contouring Kit to any Princesses looking for a cute, portable brow kit!

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