Sunday, 3 December 2017

Review: The Saem Kissholic Lipstick Disney Edition

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about The Saem Kissholic Lipstick Disney Edition! I absolutely love almost anything Disney, so when I saw this new collection I knew that I had to at least have the lipsticks and mousse lip tints!
Semi matt lipstick that expresses smooth lip with rich color and superior fit. Buttery and smooth texture adheres lightly with rich and sensual colors. Shea butter, cacao seed butter, and babassu seed butter cares the lips moistly.
These lipsticks come housed in sleek black tubes with a super cute Minnie Mouse on the front. I really like the packaging, but since all three are identical on the outside it is a little difficult to know what shade I'm picking up without opening the lids or looking on the bottom.
There are three colours in this collection, a coral, bright orange and classic red.
CR01 - Best Seller
Best Seller is a cute pastel coral shade.
These lipsticks are a little difficult for me to apply accurately because of the shape of the bullet. I like the texture of these lipsticks because they are quite flattering on dry lips, however because they are a little thicker they can settle into the lines of my lips slightly. Best Seller is my favourite shade in the range, it's a nice everyday shade for me and doesn't look too intense!
These tints do stain slightly which helps with the longevity, but I do find that they bunch up around the center of my lips which is a little gross, I end up eating quite a bit of these lipsticks!
OR01 - Dangerous
Dangerous is a vibrant orange shade.
Dangerous is a really pretty shade, it's quite a dark orange shade and veers almost towards a red which I really like. I find that this is more of a going out shade for me rather than an everyday shade, but it is still very pretty!
RD07 - Red Woo
Red Woo is a classic blue toned red shade.
I really like this shade on my skin tone, it's quite flattering and it's not too red which means I can wear it as an everyday shade. This shade is the hardest for me to apply because of how dark the shade is and the shape of the lipstick bullet.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Three really nice shades
- Flattering on dry lips
- Pretty good longevity

What I Don't Love
- It's hard to tell the shades apart due to the identical outer packaging
- Bunches up around the inside of my lip

Final Thoughts
I quite enjoy using these lipsticks, though I do really wish the outer packaging was slightly different for each shade so I don't have to open the lipstick packaging to check which colour I'm picking up. I quite like all three of the colours and they look flattering on my dry lips, though they are slightly difficult to apply with the shape of the bullet. All in all, they're a cute addition to my Disney themed cosmetic collection!

I would recommend The Saem Kissholic Lipstick Disney Edition to any Princesses looking for super cute Disney  themed lipsticks!

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