Thursday, 21 December 2017

Review: The Saem Saemmul Smile Bebe Blusher

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about The Saem Saemmul Smile Bebe Blushers! These blushes were on my wishlist for ages because they were pretty inexpensive and had really cute looking shades, I ended up grabbing them because IBuyBeauti had one of the shades for like $2 and I couldn't resist the bargain!
Soft application and long lasting fit. Sebum absorbing control powder prevents darkening and smudging.
These blushes come housed in very plain packaging. They have a mirror on the inside and one of the round puffs that I hate because they don't blend blush well. I really like that the outer packaging is the same colour as the blush on the inside, it makes it a lot easier to know which shade I'm grabbing!
There are four shades in the collection, two pinks and two peaches. I think that Mango Peach is quite orange, whereas Bling Peach is more of a true peach shade. Two of the shades are matte, and the other two has shimmer throughout.
In general these blushes are quite easy to apply, though they are quite powdery and need to be layered to get good colour payoff.
I don't have any issues with the longevity of these blushes, they last all day for me without fading.
Rose Pink
Rose Pink is a pretty pale pink shade.
This is my favourite shade out of the range! It's the most natural looking colour on my skin and definitely the shade that I reach for the most.
Mango Peach
Mango peach is a pale orange shade.
This is my least favourite shade because I really don't like orange on my skin tone. It doesn't look awful, I just don't particularly like it.
Bling Pink
Bling Pink is a mid toned berry shade with silver glitter.
This is quite a beautiful shade, but I do have to use a light hand otherwise it gets a little intense for me! I actually can't see the silver glitter on my skin which to be honest I actually like.
Bling Peach
Bling Peach is a lovely peach shade with silver glitter.
This is another really pretty shade that I get quite a lot of wear out of! I do quite like a peach toned blush because I think they're more flattering than straight out oranges. Again, you can't see the silver glitter on my skin at all.
What I Love
- Inexpensive at around $5-6USD each
- Functional packaging
- Cute colour range
- Easy to apply
- Lasts all day

What I Don't Love
- Packaging is quite bulky

Final Thoughts
These little blushes are pretty cute, and work really well. I quite like the colour range aside from the lighter orange which I don't think looks good, and the packaging is very functional but just a little bit bulkier than I would like. I really dislike that most Kbeauty blushes come with this little circular puffs inside, because it's an extra cost and it means that the packaging of the blush itself has to be bigger. I don't think the puffs apply the blush well at all, it's hard to blend and it's awful trying to keep them clean and hygienic so I just recommend using a separate brush. But otherwise I really enjoy using these blushes!

I would recommend The Saem Saemmul Smile Bebe Blusher to any Princesses looking for blushes in really pretty, standard shades!

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