Monday, 18 December 2017

Review: Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream in the shade 13! I reviewed this BB Cream along with the Perfect Cover BB Cream a couple of years ago, (you can read my review from 2013 here, coupled with a lot of gratuatious selfies and a much skinnier, pimple free face (I miss 2013 Becca tbh)) and since I treated myself to new tubes recently I thought I would re-review these!
The Signature Real Complete BB Cream softens the appearance of imperfections for an even complexion that still looks natural. While providing gentle coverage, it also treats blemishes and contains wrinkle-preventing antioxidants to improve your skin over time.
This BB Cream comes in two different sizes, in my previous review I had the big size but I use so many BB Creams that I can never finish them up, so this time I got the smaller size tube!
I have the shade 13 which is the lightest shade in the range. This is more of a neutral shade and looks quite beige which does fit the shade name of Milky Beige. I can make this shade work, but in comparison to my perfect shade which is NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia. The Signature Complete in 13 is also slightly lighter and warmer in tone than the Perfect Cover in 13.
I find this BB Cream so easy to apply, it blends into my skin beautifully. I can apply it using brushes, sponges or cushion puffs and it makes my skin look so beautiful.
I find that this BB Cream has light but buildable coverage. It covers light imperfections easily but darker scars and acne will still show through. I quite like the lighter coverage, if I wanted heavy coverage I would just choose a proper foundation, but since this is a BB Cream, this is the coverage I would expect.
 I can make this colour work, however my face does look quite bright in comparison to my neck. This BB Cream is definitely more neutral than it is warm, but with a little bronzer and blush it still looks lovely.
 I find this BB Cream quite nice in terms of it's longevity. After an 8 hour day it is still holding up very well, however my skin does not produce much excess oil, so the longevity is also partly due to my skin and skincare.
 I do find that my nose tip gets a little shiny and there is some wear on the tip of my chin because I tend to lean on my chin when I'm bored, but my forehead looks perfect and my cheeks look just the same as when I applied it in the morning.
What I Love
- Pretty, functional packaging
- Nice shade range
- Super easy to apply
- Makes my skin look so smooth
- Buildable coverage
- Great longevity

What I Don't Love
- Not quite the right colour for me

Final Thoughts
I have been so busy trying out new products for you guys that I had actually forgotten how much I like this BB Cream! This is the first EVER BB cream that I tried, I got my original one in Watson in Taipei and I just remember being in awe of how nice and smooth my skin looked and how nicely the colour fit me (back in 2011 I was shade 21 too!). I love how easy it is to apply, I love how beautiful and smooth it makes my skin look and I love how well it lasts throughout the day. I wish the colour was more warm toned so it suited me a little better, but you can't have everything!

I would recommend the Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream to any Princesses looking for a BB Cream that will make their skin look absolutely beautiful!

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  1. I love this BB cream, too, for all the reasons you mentioned! I use #23 and it's not a perfect match but I still reach for it 9/10 times. I started off with the Perfect Cover but that one was too gray and oxidized too much. The Signature Real is also more hydrating on me. My nose is a bit oily by afternoon but 2 small sheets of blotting paper always make me fresh again. I love running into other fans of this BB cream! =)


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