Saturday, 30 December 2017

Review: Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream! I talked about the Missha Signature Complete BB Cream last week, and I actually reviewed both BB Creams back in 2013 (omg) and decided to re review them. If you would like me to review any other products from the past, please let me know!
BB Cream with outstanding coverage hides flaws for a perfect complexion Wrinkle Care, Brightening, UVA & UVB Protection
I have the 20ml size of this BB Cream which is packaged in an elegant squeeze tube. The 50ml size comes with a pump instead, but both feature the same red bottle. I have the shade 13 which is the lightest shade in the range which does lean more towards the neutral to pink side.
In comparison to my perfect shade which is Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia the shade 13 is definitely much pinker.
And in comparison to the Signature Complete BB Cream is it also much darker.
I find this BB Cream really easy to apply, I can use brushes, sponges and cushion puffs and still have the same beautiful finish. I prefer using cushion puffs because it's quicker and I don't have to go and dampen my sponge because I am super lazy in the mornings.
This BB Cream leaves a beautiful dewy finish on my skin, though it can exaggerate pores and dry patches on my skin. It has light coverage which covers some of my lighter marks, but not the darker scarring. It is quite nice for an every day BB Cream that gives a my skin but better look.
However, since the colour is quite pink it makes the rest of my body look quite yellow and slightly sick.
After 8 hours this BB cream wears quite averagely. I find that my forehead and cheeks look quite dry and my fine lines are exaggerated (ignore that nasty pimple thanks) but my nose tip gets really oily.
What I Love
- Elegant, functional packaging
- Lovely pale shade
- Easy to apply
- Beautiful dewy finish
- Light coverage, but slightly buildable
- Makes my skin feel super soft

What I Don't Love
- Not quite the right colour for my skin
- Can exaggerate pores and dry skin
- Doesn't wear that well

Final Thoughts
I don't mind this BB Cream, but for my skin I do prefer the Signature Complete colour and formula. The Perfect Cover BB Cream has a really pretty shade that is neutral to pink toned, it's easy to apply and has a really pretty finish on the skin. However, it's not really the right colour for me and it doesn't wear all that well on my skin. I don't particularly need both, so I'll stick with the Signature Complete BB Cream!

I would recommend the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream to any Princesses looking for a really pretty neutral to pink toned BB Cream!

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