Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Review: Etude House Dear Darling Water Tint

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Etude House Dear Darling Water Tints! I bought these a little while ago because they were super duper cheap ($2.75 each!!) however they slipped to the bottom of the review pile because I bought more interesting items!
A moist-fruity water tint with the feeling of refreshing fruits bursting

These tints come in very cute, squat containers. The stack and store really nicely, and are quite functional. They have a plain doe foot applicator that makes the tints easy to apply.
There are 3 shades in the collection, and they are the classic K-Beauty shades. These tints have a super thin, watery texture which means they do feather quite badly.

 Cherry Ade
 Cherry Ade is a muted red shade.
This shade is really pretty, but like the other two shades it does feather quite badly, so it is hard to get a crisp lip line. This aspect makes them ideal for gradient lip looks, but gradient lips look bizarre on my lip shape so I don't use them like that. The watery texture of the tints makes them very buildable, so with one layer you can get a very subtle pink, but with 2-3 layers you can get a pretty muted red!
 Strawberry Ade
 Strawberry Ade is a pretty mid toned pink.
This is my favourite shade! The colour looks really nice on my skin tone and it's the shade that I use the most. The lasting power isn't very good for these tints, they last for about 3 hours normally before fading quite a lot in the center.
Orange Ade
Orange Ade is a vibrant orange shade.
This is a pretty shade, but not one that I wear often. I usually grab pink lip products rather than orange ones, but I think the shade is actually quite nice. This shade performs like the other two, the formula in this range is very solid so there are no surprises and differences between the shades. If you like the formula of one, you will like the formula for all three!
What I Love
- Super inexpensive at $2.75USD each
- Cute, functional packaging
- 3 Classic K-Beauty colours
- Easy to apply 
- Easy to create a gradient lip or full lip

What I Don't Love
- All shades feather
- Don't have very good longevity

Final Thoughts
These lip tints are incredibly inexpensive, they come in cute colours and look really lovely on. However, being water tints they almost act like water paints, the colour is quite sheer and they tend to feather if you use too much. They are a tint that I need to reapply fairly often, especially if I eat or drink while wearing them, but they are so cheap that I don't mind that too much. Overall, they are lovely for certain occasions, but not tints that I would choose if I really needed them to last all day.

I would recommend the Etude House Dear Darling Water Tints to any Princesses looking for super sheer water based tints that come in 3 classic colours.

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