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Where I Purchase Asian Skincare and Cosmetics

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about where I buy my Asian Beauty and Cosmetic! I get asked this question all the time, and it's slightly hard for me to answer because I make an effort to shop at a lot of different stores so I can do store reviews, but also because I live in New Zealand and a lot of online stores only ship to USA. So I'm going to be talking about stores that are NZ based, and my favourite stores that ship internationally!
New Zealand Based Stores
Maggies Cosmetic and Studio - Hamilton
This is my only local store in Hamilton and they have a pretty small range of cosmetics and skincare. I usually buy masks and bulky items from this store to save on shipping cost, because even though the base price is higher than what I would find online, I'm not paying shipping cost and I'm getting the item that day rather than a month wait.

Atrium on Elliot - Auckland
This is another bunch of stores I can physically visit, but it is an hour drive to Auckland. I quite like visiting the Atrium because it has a Japanese store, a Korean store and it's own Missha store! The prices at the Missha are sky high, but the Japanese and Korean stores are very reasonable. The Korean store is called KS Cosmetics and is my favourite place to buy MBD masks, the Japanese based store is called Ippondo and I always buy my DollyWink Liquid Liners there.

I found the product prices for this store to be quite high, but the shipping is super quick - my order arrived in three days. I shop here when I need my order to be here super duper quick.

Mik has much more competitive prices than Hikoco does, but a much slower shipping time and a flat shipping rate of $8. This isn't my favourite place to shop just because the shipping time is the same as a quick Korean based store, and the prices are a little more, so there is no real incentive for me to shop with them.

International Online Stores
One of my favourite stores to shop is RoseRoseShop. I find that RRS has the best priced products, but the do have a shipping fee based on weight, so I try to only purchase lighter items from them. They have amazing sales, so I definitely add items to my cart over time and then wait for sales to counter the shipping fee.

I've shopped with Cosmetic Love for so long, they were my first ever KBeauty Store Review and I've also received products for review from them in the past too. I usually purchase heavy products from Cosmetic Love since they have free shipping (or $2.50 tracked) so I don't end up paying more for the  shipping than I do for the products. They have a lot of sales and their products are well priced too.

This is a new favourite for me, and since I reviewed their store they reached out to me for some product reviews which was cool too! They have quick shipping, and good prices. They seem to have pretty frequent sales, so combine that with free shipping and it's a pretty good place to shop!

Testerkorea has shipping based on weight, but the price goes up quite slowly. They have some brands that are quite expensive elsewhere, and tend to stock limited edition items quite quickly. You can also request that they stock certain brands or items that can be hard to find which is quite good too!

Jolse has great prices and free shipping which is a great bonus for me! They ship really quickly  and always include a lot of testers which is cute!

BNK has free, quick shipping and good prices on their products. I didn't use to like shopping with them because their site was just full of pop up ads, but they've since redone their website and it's so much better now! 

KoreaDepart has pretty high shipping, but it is really quick and they have decent prices. Their website really annoys me because you can't click anything that isn't a link, so if I want to use the product information I can't.

IBBI has competitive prices and really low shipping prices. The shipping is super quick too, so I don't end up waiting a month for my products. They also have a great range of products.

KolectionK has pretty high priced items, but and a $6.99 shipping fee, so it definitely is quite expensive to shop with them. However, since it is expensive a lot of their Limited Edition products don't sell out quickly, so it's much easier to get LE products from their store. Their customer service is pretty good too since I've had melted lipsticks sent to me and they replaced them for me.

So that is basically where I like to purchase most of my Asian Cosmtics and Skincare from! It's a little difficult when you can't just go to a mall and buy everything straight away, but depending on what type of items I want to buy and whether or not they're heavy depends on where I want to shop! There are plenty of other stores to shop from, but these ones are my favourites!

Some links are affiliate links, click them and buy things so I can buy more things to review. 

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  1. Thanks for the overview. Do you which websites mark down their packages? Here in the Netherlands, packages worth more than 22 euros have extra custom fees. I know RRS, Jolse, and SweetCorea does but Wishtrend doesn't. Thanks in advance :)

  2. can you do review on w2beauty?


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