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Review: TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher! These are my first blush cushions, so I was really intrigued by how these would work with my skin since I really like Cushion foundations and BB Creams! It also helps that they are super cute Pikachu themed products!
"Soft melting creamy texture gives both cheeks vivid color stain. One touch gives vivid color express for natural vital cheeks. Moisture ingredient soft use gives non powdery moisture finish. Color pigment particles give silky fit for long lasting clear color.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount on a puff and pat lightly around the cheeks, and reapply small amount."(1)
There are three shades in the collection and they all come housed in the same compact with a different Pikachu face on the front.
These have the usual cushion packaging with a mirror in the compact and a super cute cushion puff!
 This cushion puff if small since this is a mini cushion. It is a little difficult to hold on to since it's too small for three fingers, but slips off two fingers.
Inside the compact there is a cushion saturated with liquid blush. There is a substantial amount of blush in the compact, and since you only use a small amount on a small part of your face, these blushes should last quite a long time!
Pink Fantasy
Pink Fantasy is a beautiful super pale pink shade.
 This shade is so light that I can barely see it on my skin.
If I pack it on I can see some colour, but it's very, very subtle.
I'm not convinced that someone with darker skin would get any better colour payoff either.
It's a pretty colour, but when you're not up close with studio lighting it is pretty hard to tell if I'm wearing any blush at all.
Rose Coral
Rose Coral is a really pretty coral shade.

This shade shows up much better than the pink shade!
This is my favourite shade out of the three, it actually shows up on my skin and it doesn't look weird.
I actually think it's quite a flattering colour!
 The formula of the blushes also blurs my skin a little too which is welcome!
Peach Orange

Peach Orange is a pastel Apricot shade.

This shade is another one of the more vibrant shades, even though it is a pastel shade.
However, this shade is so easy to over apply! I literally made myself look like a clown. But you can at least see what the colour looks like!
I found the biggest challenge with these blushes was the application. The puffs made it hard to blend the colour out without spreading it over my entire cheek, though I did have some success with a stippling blush which gives a much sheerer finish.
 I don't mind the colour of this shade at all, I find that it almost gives me a sunburn like finish.
I'm not the biggest fan of the colour range, I think the pink is way too light and sheer for the majority of Princesses to actually wear, and the Coral and Orange shade look quite similar when they could've gone for a broader range.
However, the product is cute, it's quite fun to use and they can look quite pretty on the skin if you put in enough effort.
What I Love
- Adorable packaging
- Beautiful sheer application with a stippling brush

What I Don't Love
- Too easy to overapply with the puffs
- Small colour range
- Packaging is rather bulky

Final Thoughts
I think these blushes are really cute and so fun to use, but in reality they are not the best products for me. I find them quite hard to store as the compacts are rather big, and they're also really quite difficult to apply with the Pokeball puffs as they just spread the colour further across my cheek and they don't blend into the skin easily. I'm not wild about the Pink blush as it is so pale and sheer, I don't think it will be very visible on most skin tones so it is difficult for me to recommend that shade at all. However, I do quite like the Rose Coral shade when I apply it with a stippling brush for a nice blended application. These blushes would be so fun for any Princesses that are obsessed with Pokemon, but be wary that they are quite big so you do need the storage space for them!

I will also point out that the Pokemon Cushion Blushers are just repackaged Tony Moly Spoiler Blushes, so if you don't care for Pokemon themed products, the Spoiler Blushes are the same thing, but cheaper.

I would recommend the TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blushers to any Princesses that are obsessed with Pokemon, and are looking for some cute Pokemon themed blushes! 

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  1. Hi! Really great review!
    I didn't try this product yet but in this collection i tried the foundation cushion and it's a really great product!



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