Saturday, 10 December 2016

First Impression: Too Cool For School Rules Dual Cover BB Cream

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Too Cool For School Rules Dual Cover BB Cream! I really wanted to try this BB Cream since I really loved the Dinoplatz CC Cream!
What Does It Do?
"Too Cool for School Dual Cover BB Cream is a BB cream with Concealer balm. It protects skin from UV (SPF30PA++) while containing ingredients to relieve acne and you can do makeup without having worry about trouble. It Covers blemish perfectly,delivering various benefits, including hydrating, soothing, repairing, nourishing, replenishing, brighten, protecting, pores concealing and discoloration correcting

How to use
Apply a proper amount. Blend it evenly to entire face. For areas with enlarged pores or blemish, tip the cream on troubled points for better concealing effect. Afterwards, you may apply loose powder or foundation for a long-lasting nude makeup look."(1)
This BB Cream only comes in one colour which isn't quite right for me. The BB Cream is moderately thick in texture but is easy to spread out on my skin. It does oxidise quite a lot however!
I really quite liked the way this BB Cream made my skin look! It has medium coverage for me and covered up some of my lighter scars and my freckle quite nicely.
I really liked that even though the coverage was at a medium level for me, it didn't make my skin look mask-like, my face still looked like it belonged to the rest of my body. However, as much as I like the BB Cream, the colour doesn't look so good. It's not that the shade is too dark, it's more that it has a very beige undertone rather than the yellow that usually suits me.
In terms of longevity I found this BB Cream quite good! There was a little bit of oiliness through my T-Zone, but it was light enough to be passed off as dewy skin rather than oiliness.
Would I Purchase This Product?
No, but only because the colour isn't quite right for me. The full size BB Cream also comes with a small concealer and mirror in the cap which is very fun, but it has wonderful coverage, finish and lasting power for my skin. If you think this would colour would suit you I think it would be a wonderful product! ^ ^

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