Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Review: TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion! I bought this cushion in the shade No1 which is the lightest colour, and I was drawn to this product because of the super cute packaging!
"Anti-wrinkle + Whitening + UV Protection Functional Cosmetics. (SPF50+ PA+++)
Anytime, anywhere with confidence the secret of skin.
Rubbing, tap beams beams smooth honey finish flawless skin.

How to use
Apply an appropriate amount on a puff and
pat lightly around the cheeks, and reapply small amount."(1)
The cushion comes housed in a super cute Pikachu themed compact! The compact is mini, and only contains 9grams of product, where a full size cushion would usually contain 14grams.
 The cushion contains a mirror and a super cute Pokeball puff!
The Pokeball puff is super cute, but a little bit of an odd size. It's slightly too small for me to use three fingers, but it's slightly too big for two fingers.
There is the typical hygiene sticker over the cushion to show that it's brand new, and of course the cushion underneath!
Shade 1 is a light beige colour. It definitely leans more on the warm yellow side so it looks good on my skin, however it is a little darker than what I would generally wear in winter. Since this has such a small amount of product I think I would be able to use it up during Summer when my skin is a little darker!
I found that this Cushion has really nice medium coverage, it covered some of my lighter scars, but not my darker freckles.
It has a slightly dewy finish, but part of that dew is attributed to my skincare too which is very focused on hydration. I found that this cushion was sometimes a little difficult to apply with the cushion puff, I actually use a buffing brush to apply this when I'm in a rush so that it blends quicker!
After 6 hours this cushion holds up pretty well! There is a little bit of oil throughout my T-Zone which is pretty normal for me, but I do find that after a while this cushion does emphasize the flaws around my nose and chin.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Quite a good colour for me (between NC10 and NC15)
- Really pretty finish on the skin

What I Don't Love
- Can be a little tedious to apply with the cushion puff
- Quite expensive for a mini cushion (9grams)
- Sinks into my pores after a couple of hours 

Final Thoughts
There are a few aspects of this Cushion that I like, and a few that I don't like too. It's super cute, but for the price I paid I didn't actually realize that it was a mini size as it's pretty much the same price as a full size cushion. You literally are paying for the Pikachu packaging, so if you don't want to pay a couple of extra dollars for the Pokemon packaging, you can always just grab the Tony Moly Spoiler Mini Cover Cushion since I hear that it is the same product. It's a good colour for me during the summer and it looks quite pretty on my skin, but after a while it does tend to sink into my pores and make certain parts of my face look very flawed. It's cute, but it's not going to be a product that I repurchase.

I would recommend the TonyMoly Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion to any Princesses who are looking a super cute Pikachu themed Cushion Foundation!

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  1. You can also just get a 4-pack of Pokemon themed puffs for your other TM cases.


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