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Review: The Face Shop Disney Ink Gel Stick

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about The Face Shop Disney Ink Gel Sticks! I purchased these because I really enjoyed using the Disney Edition Watery Tints, and they are just so cute! Honestly, I buy a lot of things just because they're cute.
"New and improved lipstick with smooth, instant color and a glide-on texture. Glowing color with the look of bold, vivid ink. This next generation lipstick features a super sleek texture and glides on smoothly upon contact. Moisturizes and imparts vibrant color.

How to use
Rotate once and spread evenly starting from centre of lips.
For defined color shine, rotate again to achieve thick texture."(1)
The outer packaging for these lipsticks is so cute, I love the Mickey Mouse print!
The packaging is of course super cute, the caps have mouse ears on the top! These lipsticks are quite small too, so they're the perfect size for handbags.
These lipsticks are really difficult to roll up, it takes a couple of minutes to fully roll up the bullet, it's actually ridiculous.
The three colours are really beautiful and pigmented. However, Red Pants and Coral Overalls are pretty similar in colour for such a small shade range.
Red Pants
Red Pants is a beautiful blue toned red.
These lipsticks have a thin consistency with high colour payoff. They are quite slippery, and you can see it settling into my lip lines quite a lot. I find it a little difficult to keep these looking even on my lips, the do tend to wear out in the centre of my lips throughout the day, but since they are pigmented they stain quite nicely.
Coral Overalls
Coral Overalls is a vibrant Coral shade!
This shade is the easiest to apply and looks the best on my lips. I find that these lipsticks work best when you blot them, so the colour stains nicely and doesn't migrate. The coral shade is so pretty, but it's really just an orangey shade of Red Pants.
Orange Shake
Orange Shake is bright Orange shade.
All three lipsticks are a little difficult to apply accurately since they have such a soft formula, they tend to get quite chunky and it's hard to get a crisp line. This shade looks really pretty, but does tend to sit quite unevenly. They won't have the longest lifetime either, since the product is so soft it gets used up quite quickly. They are quite small too, only 1.5 grams in comparison to a normal lipstick which would be 3 grams.
For such cute products these sure have a lot of pigmentation! But they definitely work best when they're blotted. I am disappointed in how similar the Red and Coral shades look, the colour range isn't very broad for such a small selection.
What I Love
- Super cute packaging
- Beautifully pigmented
- Pretty colours
- Last really nicely after being blotted

What I Don't Love
- A little difficult to apply
- They need to be blotted
- Don't last at all after eating
- Not a very broad colour range
- Quite small for the high price (1.5 grams for about $12-15USD)

Final Thoughts
I quite like these little lipsticks, but they are quite temperamental. For me, they really do need to be blotted for a better finish, so you do loose a lot of the shine, but it makes the application look much more even and it helps them last longer. They are moderately expensive, I paid about $12USD for each lipstick and they are really quite small, so I think for the money there are better products out there. This is quite a personal problem, but since I have very dry lips I did find that they didn't adhere to my lips when they felt like they were very dry. However, for such a cute silhouette if you are a Disney fan these are super cute and you can make them look great if you try.

I would recommend the The Face Shop Disney Ink Gel Stick to any Princesses that are looking for beautifully pigmented, super cute Disney themed lipsticks!  

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