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Review: Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blushers! I've always been curious about these cream blushes, so I took the opportunity to grab them during some recent sales!
"An ultra-adhesive blusher with a moist cream formula that is finished in a silky powder for longer lasting colors. 

How to Use:  Take a sufficient amount on your fingertips, and naturally blend into your skin. For more vivid colors, lightly pat with your fingertips."(1)
I really like the packaging of these blushes I thought the pans were huge after I read a couple of blog reviews about them, but in reality they are just regular sized blushes.
There is a big mirror inside which is great, and of course the cream blush. The cream looks so perfect until you touch it! The formula is super soft, so the blush almost melts under my fingers.
There are six shades in the collection, I like that the colour range is quite broad, there are cool toned blushes as well as warm tones, super pale and darker pinks as well as some orange shades.

Whiniche Rose
Whiniche Rose is an ultra pale pink. I don't know what Whiniche is or how to pronounce it, so any info is appreciated!
This pink is much paler than my skintone so it does look a little odd. I also need 2-3 layers of the blush to actually see any colour.
It almost gives me a brightening effect rather than a blush or flush effect. It's not a bad effect, It's just that I wish I didn't have to use three layers to achieve the look. Layering up so much blush does disturb the foundation under it too, I actually find the lighter shades quite difficult to blend.
Milky Rose
Milky Rose is a beautiful light pink.
I really like this shade and I think it looks good on my skin. It's the perfect light pink for me!
I find this shade quite difficult to blend too, I'm not sure why but the lighter shades tend to be harder to blend than the darker ones, and they really mess up my foundation which isn't cute.
Apricot Rose
Apricot Rose is a pale apricot shade.
While I think this blush is pretty, I'm personally not the biggest fan of it on my own skin tone.
I think it's just a little too close to my own skintone to look like a proper flush of colour.
Orange Rose
Orange Rose is a beautiful rich coral shade.
I like this shade much more on my skin tone! I find this one easier to blend than the first three, but it is a shade that I can easily over do too.
It can look a little clownish if I apply too much!
Cool Rose
Cool Rose is a vibrant Fuchsia Pink shade!
This is another super cute pink shade, and like Orange Rose this shade is quite a lot easier to blend out nicely.
This is quite a flattering shade on my skin, I quite it!
Edge Rose
Edge Rose is a vivid strawberry pink!
This is the strongest colour out of the six, so it is a little too easy to overdo it!
Since this colour is strong it does need a little more blending than some of the other shades. This does disrupt my base a little, and I end up actually removing some of the base which isn't good.
This is what I mean, you can see the base getting a little chunky on the left, but you can see that on the right I've actually blended off my base entirely. I've tried setting the base first and it doesn't make a difference.
Here are all the colours, I really like the colour range!
What I Love
- Broad colour range
- Cute and functional packaging
- Mostly easy to apply
- Quite inexpensive at about $5USD each
 - Heavily scented with Rose

What I Don't Love
- Can be difficult to blend

Final Thoughts
These blushes are really pretty, and the colour range is beautiful, but they can be kind of a pain to apply. They're definitely not as easy to apply as some of my other cream blushes, but they also have a bigger and better colour range, so there definitely is some give and take. I personally find powder blushes much easier to apply than creams, so if you find cream blushes are your ideal blush type then I definitely recommend checking these ones out because the colour range is so pretty!

I would recommend the Skinfood Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher to any Princesses looking for really nice cream blushes with cute packaging and a great colour range. 

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