Monday, 12 December 2016

Store Review: BeautynetKorea

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with BeautyNetKorea! I've shopped with BNK before, but they're not my usual go-to KBeauty Store. Since I shopped there last they have revamped their website, and I think it is so much better (the last one just had pop ups absolutely everywhere and I hated it) and I really feel that the navigation has improved too.

Website Practicality
I think that BNK have made good changes to their website, it's much easier to navigate now! I had no issues searching for products, adding them to my cart and checking out.
Price Comparison
The prices on BNK are not bad, the free shipping helps too!

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - $13.20

Cosmetic Love
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - $10.46

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream - $9.54 + Shipping - $5.92 = $15.46

Shipping and Packaging
My order arrived on the 27th of October. Everything was packaged nicely and nothing was broken.
I bought these two Pokemon products! I didn't realise how big the cream was and how small the cushion is!
TONYMOLY Pokemon Pikachu Mini Cover Cushion & TONYMOLY Pokemon Pikachu Honey Moisture Cream
Final Thoughts
I enjoyed my shopping experience with BNK so much more than last time! They also stocked the Pokemon collection quite quickly which is really good too, it's hard enough waiting for the shipping for new collection items let alone waiting for companies to actually stock them! I would definitely shop with BNK again as long as the prices stay low! ^ ^

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  1. Thanks for your review of BNK! I am currently shopping around for the best deals/reliability in K-beauty products and I came across your review. I am a little hesitant to invest $50 to get the free standard shipping. Did you spend $50 to get the free standard shipping? If not, did you use the free shipping (no tracking) or did you pay the extra for the standard shipping? Thanks! :)


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