Saturday, 24 December 2016

First Impression: Hello Everybody B will save your hair

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about the Hello Everybody B will save your hair! The brand is called Hello Everybody and I cannot stop saying Hi Everybody I'm Dr Nick in my head. I can't stop. Send help.

What Does It Do?
"Save your do with the Biotin Treatment!
The Biotin Treatment is integrated with biotin treatment to vitalize your locks with natural proteins to strengthen & nourish hair inside and out ! The organic oils hydrate and prevent dryness to leave a natural, healthy shine.

Revitalize with the Biotin Treatment ! The Biotin Treatment is designed with organic, plant based ingredients including 6 different proteins & biotin, 7 super seeds, and 4 botanic oils to revitalize severely damaged locks. The proteins nourish and vitalize the hair follicles to rebuild from the inside while the super seeds smooth and condition to leave your hair silky smooth. Then the botanic oils hydrate and prevent dryness to leave a natural, healthy shine to leave your hair looking and feeling good all around. Save your beautiful locks with the Biotin Treatment today !

How to use
After shampooing, apply the Biotin Treatment all over the hair, avoiding the roots and focusing on the ends, then massage for 2-3 minutes and rinse off well."(1)
This product is a clear gel with small yellow beads. These little beads pop if I apply pressure, so they are not micro beads or anything awful like that. The treatment has a gorgeous smell of Moringa, but this scent doesn't stay sadly.
You cannot see this treatment in my hair at all, and it was really easy to apply. I left it in for 2 hours because my hair is pretty damaged and when I washed it out my hair felt super silky soft! However, once it dried my hair started to frizz up quite a lot and ended up feeling just like it normally does.
Would I Purchase This Product?
No. It's relatively expensive at $31USD and I didn't feel like it did much for my hair. It smelt really nice and made my hair silky initially, but didn't provide results in the long run.

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