Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Fail or Holy Grail Review: Missha Line Friends Mild Sun

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Missha Line Friends Mild Sunscreen! I bought this sunscreen since I've previously loved the Missha Safe Block, so I was hoping that this would be another Holy Grail for me! However, it was not to be.

100% UV mineral filter mild sun cream consisted with minimum necessary ingredients and applies to skin without irritation.

For daily life, outdoor activities and light exercises in all seasons.
The packaging of this sunscreen is obviously super cute with the Line Bear on the front!
This sunscreen comes packaged in a super cute little tube with one of the line bears on the front! It has a screw top and nozzzle applicator.
The sunscreen's consistency is very strange, it's thin, but thick at the same time. It has a white colour and leaves a very heavy white cast even on my fair skin.
I found this sunscreen incredibly difficult to blend into the skin. It just sits on top of my skin in the worst way (I am aware that sunscreen does sit on top of the skin anyway) but it's impossible to apply make up over it, even after it dries down or sets after 20 mins, it still shifts around the skin.
The white cast is probably the most intense I have ever encountered, I also found that  there were visable white patches around my hairline, nose, brows and parts of my cheek which isn't a good look.
It really does accentuate the flaws in my skin too, it really doesn't do me any favours!
What I Love
- Cute packaging

What I Don't Love
- Horrific white cast
- Very difficult to apply
- Impossible to apply make up over
- Leaves white streaks everywhere 

Final Thoughts
I absolutely hate this sunscreen. I attempted to talk about this as a regular review rather than a fail review, but the only positive aspect I could find in this product was that the packaging is cute. It's just so hard to use, and for something that's protecting my skin from UV damage, there are so many other options that are easy to use and look much better.

I wouldn't really recommend the Missha Line Friends Mild Sun to any Princesses as it is so hard to apply correctly.

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