Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Review: A'Pieu Air Fit Cushion

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the A'Pieu Air Fit Cushion! I saw this cushion while browsing Roseroseshop, and since it was about $5USD I decided to just grab it because it was so cheap and came in the shade 13 which I assumed would be nice and pale.
"Air-Light Powder' gives light and clear application giving natural make up finish. Using mineral water instead of water for clean and moistured skin. 'Rolling System' with skin curves giving clean and even application. 'Airy Cover Powder' gives silky comfortable skin coverage. Aloe / tea tree extract gives comfort on sensitive skin. Patent ingredient avocado peptide gives healthy elastic skin."(1)
Have I talked about how much I dislike shiny metallic packaging before? It makes for the most horrible photos.
The cushion case itself has a metallic finish on the top which showcases fingerprints beautifully.
Remember to remove the scratch film before trying to look in the mirror!
This cushion comes with a standard cushion puff.
There is also the standard saftey seal over the cushion itself.
I chose the shade 13 which is the lightest shade of the three. This is actually a really decent pale shade for all those Porcelain Princesses out there, though it's on the Warm/Neutral side. It's not quite as Yellow as Nars Sheer Glow in Siberia, but it's still pretty good!
This cushion looks really beautiful on the skin initially, it makes my skin look really healthy and glowy!
This cushion only has light coverage, but it actually masked the redness around my nose really nicely! It still left most of my freckles and scars visible, but it did give me a really nice natural looking finish.
However, after 6 or more hours this Cushion breaks down quite badly. Even on a nice mild day like the below photo where I spent the day inside editing videos, I still have a fair amount of oil through my T-Zone.
I find that the the cushion breaks down around my nose the worst, but it also sinks into my pores quite a lot too after a couple of hours. My forehead looks pretty shiny, but I find that the worst part is how much it rubs off on my chin (because I lean on my chin) and on my nose (itchy hayfever nose). The longevity just isn't there for me.
What I Love
- Great colour for Porcelain Princesses (NC10 ish, but slightly more neutral)
- Super cheap at about $5-7USD
- Provides a beautiful dewy finish initially

What I Don't Love
- Packaging gets really dirty
- Hasn't got the best longevity
- Very little oil control
Final Thoughts
This is a great purchase for any Princesses that are on a budget, need a pretty pale cushion foundation, and don't have issues with oil control. This is such a budget friendly option which is great to see! For me personally this cushion isn't my favourite just because it does lack longevity, it's hard for me to keep the cushion on my skin, I am definitely a face toucher which is bad (especially in this instance!) and I end up with patches on my face that have no cushion on it at all. It's cute, it's cheap, it's pale, but it doesn't last long enough on my skin for me to want to repurchase it.

I would recommend the A'Pieu Air Fit Cushion to any Princesses looking for a super pale cushion while on a budget!

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  1. I feel like cushions are never as long wearing as BBs/foundations in a tube!


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