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Provided for Review: Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack! This pack of tints kindly sent to me for review by BB Cosmetic! I've seen these all over Facebook and they look like so much fun!

"12 hours long lasting lip tint tattoo pack
 Water proof
No smudge at all

How to use
Apply the tint pack along with the lip line (make sure not to pass over the lip line)
Leave for 5-10 minutes to dry (do not touch or rub on lips)
Peel off the tint pack from the edge to the center
Clear up the lip area with toner-soaked cotton pad and apply transparent lip gloss or lip balm for moisturizing"(1)
This set has 6 shades, though I believe there are a couple of other shades out there too!
The tints do have a nice slanted applicator, of course these get messy with the tints, but the trick to keeping them clean is to just wait a couple of minutes for the excess tint to dry and then you can cleanly peel it off.
The colours look super vibrant and very unique when they are drying, but after the tint has been peeled off all of the pinks look so similar, and I'm surprised that Lovely Peach still looks neon yellow!
Virgin Red
Virgin Red is a beautiful warm toned red. The chunkiness in the below photo shows what it looks like when you try and perfect the line on your lower lip but it takes so long that the product begins to dry and ball up so you just accept that you have wonky lips.
This colour stains quite nicely as it is one of the darker shades and I quite like the colour! This shade doesn't taste like Lemon detergent which is also a plus!

 Vivid Scarlet
 Vivid Scarlet is a bright orange based red. This shade is marginally lighter than Virgin Red.
This stains really nicely too, though it definitely stains more on the inner part of my lips rather than the outer edge. This happens quite a lot with my lips for some reason, but this shade isn't bad at all! It's very close in colour to Virgin Red though!
Lovely Peach
Lovely Peach is neon yellow. I suspect that if you have more pigmented lips than mine the yellow will mix well with your natural lip colour, but for me it just turns out looking a sickly yellow shade.
It actually makes me look a little ill, I'm not wearing any make up in the below photo, but this lip colour definitely doesn't look good on me!
Pure Pink
Pure Pink is the lightest Pink or Red shade straight out of the bottle, but it stains as a night cool toned neon pink on my arm.

This shade mixes nicely with my natural lip colour and doesn't look so neon in the end! It is a really pretty bright pink and still stains somewhat evenly.

 Bubble Pink
 Bubble Pink is a really pretty pink that is slightly darker than Pure Pink.
Bubble Pink can turn out really nicely, but I find that I have to leave this shade on for at least 20mins to get the above colour, otherwise the colour doesn't stain well at all. This shade is so similar to Pure Pink that I don't think most people will need both shades. Pure Pink is slightly more neon in colour than Bubble Pink.
Sexy Red
Sexy Red  comes out of the tube like a gorgeous vampy red, but the tint underneath is only really slightly darker than Bubble Pink.
This shade is prone to tinting unevenly. This is what it looks like after 10 minutes which is the max time the instructions say to keep it on for. The shade is quite pretty, but it really does look very similar to the other two pink shades.
Here is a comparison of all of the tints! I think Virgin Red and Pure Pink are my favourites out of the 6. Bubble Pink would be a favourite if it didn't take 20 minutes to achieve that colour, the tints just make my lips feel horrible during the drying time! As for their longevity, these tints last really nicely as long as you don't eat or drink anything fatty or oily. Check out the youtube video to see how they last throughout the day!
What I Love
- Super fun to use
- Tints my lips really nicely
- Darker tints last a really long time
- Super smudge proof
- Not drying at all, you can apply lip balm or gloss over the top too

What I Don't Love
- Some shades taste absolutely horrific
- Some shades are a little patchy on my lips
- The Lovely Peach shade looks yellow on me
- The lighter shades don't last very well  

Final Thoughts
This is such a mixed review! there are a few aspects I really like about these tints, and a few that I really don't like. There are definitely a couple of shades that work better for me than the others, I really like Virgin Red and Pure Pink, but Bubble Pink and Lovely Peach didn't work very well for me at all. I think that the scent and taste has quite a lot to do with the experience for me too, I just can't keep the bitter tasting ones on my lips as long as I can keep the sweeter ones on for! I'll definitely be holding on to a couple of shades from this tint pack because they are super fun to use!

I would recommend the Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack to any Princesses that are looking for a super smudge proof, vibrantly coloured lip tint!

Thank you so much to BB Cosmetic for sending this product for review! You can use my coupon code EPA6C8MP5D4 for 8% off storewide at! 

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