Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Review: TonyMoly Pikachu Honey Moisture Cream

Hello Princesses!
Today I'm going to be talking about the TonyMoly Pikachu Honey Moisture Cream! Just like all the other Pikachu products, I definitely bought this because it has a Pikachu on the front. I chose the Honey Cream over the other options because my skin seems to quite like honey products.
"Naturally driven honey moisture cream to give a rich glow to the skin. All-in-one cream for both face and body."(1)
This cream comes in a gigantic tub, it is 300ml which is way bigger than I ever wanted for a face cream. There is a cute Pikachu on the front too!
The cream itself has quite a thin gel like texture and is a pale yellow colour. You don't need very much cream at all to cover your face which is bizarre since the tub is so big. This has a very sweet scent of fake honey.
Although the cream is quick and easy to apply, it takes forever to sink in and makes my face feel sticky for hours. I can apply a matte sunscreen over the top of this moisturiser and it does mattify my face, but it is slightly annoying that it makes my face super sticky. This means that it doesn't work as well as a body moisturiser, because it makes my clothes stick to me in an unfortunate way.
In terms of results for my skin, I found that this moisturiser hydrated my skin nicely, but it's nothing spectacular. I've always found that honey based products work well with my skin, and this cream is no exception. Even though it only really hydrates my skin, it's also a cream that I have no issues using even when my skin is having a reaction from new skincare, so it's actually quite a reliable product for me.
What I Love
- Adorable packaging
- Very cheap for the amount you get ($20USD for 300ml)
- Hydrates my skin nicely
- Nice and soothing if my skin breaks out
- Smells like lovely honey  

What I Don't Love
- What am I going to do with 300mls
- Quite sticky, so not suitable for a body moisturiser for me

Final Thoughts
The Pikachu Honey Moisture Cream is just a cute repackaging of the Wonder Honey Moisture Cream, but I do actually quite like the cream itself! I really do wish that you could get smaller sizes of this cream because it's really hard for me to store and I don't think I'm going to get through it before it expires because you need so little! This is no miracle worker, but, it's cute, it smells beautiful, and it works well with my skin when it's troubled.

I would recommend the TonyMoly Pikachu Honey Moisture Cream to any Princesses wanting a cutely packaged, lightly hydrating cream that comes in a gigantic 300ml tub!

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  1. The packaging is so cute! I love Pikachu ♥︎


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