Sunday, 4 January 2015

Store Review - Newdress

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a super cheap clothing store called NewDress! I found this store through a Youtube fashion haul which stated that the clothing was very cheap and good quality, so I decided to grab a couple of pieces of clothing to see how they compared to more expensive alternatives! (Note, this was before Supermaryface's youtube review)

Website Practicality
I find the NewDress website quite practical to use, but not very aesthetically pleasing as I would like. They have very handy navigational tabs at the top of the page as well as a great search bar, and I like that you can set it to NZD so I don't have to convert money every 10 seconds.

Price Comparison
The general pricing is very cheap. It's hard to compare the prices without having absolutely identical products, but these are at least a little close in style!

Newdress shirt - $4.44 + Shipping - $1.16 = $5.60USD
Yesstyle shirt - $29.90 + Shipping - $14.00 = $43.90USD

Can we just talk about how cute the Yesstyle shirt is though oh my gosh I want it now (although according to the reviews it's not worth nearly $50USD!). The NewDress shirt is insanely cheap in comparison along with the almost $1 shipping.

Shipping and Packaging
My parcel took the standard three and a half weeks to arrive to New Zealand, and each item was wrapped separately in plastic wrap. The shipping cost me $7.53USD which is pretty standard, but the shipping seems based on weight/volume and I'm not sure if it gets capped at some point, which would be expensive if you were to purchase boots or bulky products. 

Since it's summer here in New Zealand, I decided to get two summer pieces, even though the knitwear was extremely tempting! I initially purchased another shirt, but they ran out of stock before they could ship my package so I missed out on that one :C I was refunded the same day through Paypal which was fantastic.

I've really been wanting to get a maxi/midi skirt for a little while, but I can't find any in New Zealand that aren't ridiculously expensive or in my style, so I was really pleased to find a Navy Blue Chiffon skirt for only $4.89USD!

The quality of this skirt reflects the price. The chiffon is interlocked which means that it won't fray, but the stitching on the cheap elastic waist is just plain lazy and there are loose threads everywhere. I can sew poorly, and I could definitely do a better job. There is no slit in the dress so striding or getting in and out of cars is a little bit of an issue (even though I have short legs) but I could just cut my own slit to be honest. The skirt isn't quite maxi or midi and sits just a little above my ankles (I'm 5'3 for your reference!). 
I purchased this in size L following the sizing guidelines on the site and it barely fits. It's a couple of CM smaller than the website states.

New Women Sexy Hollow Shoulder Chiffon Short Sleeve Summer Tops Batwing T-Shirt  - $4.44
(No the top half of me isn't really tanned, it's the 7PM lighting being silly.)

This top looked so super cute on the website that I couldn't resist it, but I was surprised when it arrived that it wasn't the cute mint green as shown on the website, but more of a rich lime green (which makes my yellow skin look sickly).
 This shirt would have been SO much cuter in mint green! :C
The stitching is absolutely awful, the bottom hemline is incredibly uneven and again there are loose threads everywhere. The shoulder frill doesn't sit as nicely on me as it does on the model, and the shirt is cut straight downwards, meaning that with someone that has an hourglass shape with a big chest and big hips like me, it sits very tightly on my hips and super loosely on my waist.
Not flattering at all. I don't believe that this is the shirt shown on the model in the photos is the same as this shirt because the frill is way smaller and the thin straps are way longer. You also really do need a strapless bra to wear this.

What I Love
- Super cheap
- Great range of products
- Good customer service (quick refund)

What I Don't Love
- Terrible quality 
- Like really, really bad quality
- Not the same size as stated on the website (smaller)
- Not the same colour, not even close

Final Thoughts
Umm yeah that was potentially an epic fail. Even though the clothing was super cheap, it's really reflected in the quality of the garments. I've worn the blue skirt out to work and it's been absolutely fine apart from being a little restricting, but the shirt is just absolutely awful, it's the wrong colour, terribly made and poorly fitting. I will probably order again from this website to get some super cheap disposable cutesy shirts, but if they continue to be as bad quality as the green shirt that will soon stop. Order at your own risk.

I will update you guys when I make another order to see if it was worth a second try! ^.^ Any other clothing stores you would recommend or would like to see reviews of?


  1. Oh dear! I had a similar thing happen to me, but on TradeMe. The dress I received was definitely not the same as the one pictured - it was of a cheaper quality and was made of flimsy, cheap fabric. At least it was cheap!

    1. At least they were cheap, but I still with they were what I wanted in the first place :C

  2. Newdress is a terrible company. Their products are defective, their customer service is deceptive and most worrying, their products have a horrible chemical smell. Stay away!!

    1. I agree, except for the smell. My clothing didn't smell of anything unusual (:


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