Friday, 9 January 2015

First Impression - Etude House Wonder Pore Set

Hello Princesses!

Today I'm going to be talking about a skincare sample set that I purchased back in 2013 (ok, December 2013) from Roseroseshop! This little set cost me $6USD and came in the cutest little box, I think that the product packaging is super cute too! ^.^

What Does It Do?

Etude House Wonder Pore Special Trial Kit is a total care system to cleanse and minimize pores. Comes complete with a toner, treatment, and wash off mask. Try out this miniature set before committing to the full size or give it as a gift.
Directions: Cleanse face. Use in following order – toner, wash off mask, treatment.

Kit Includes:
Wonder Pore White Clay Clear
Wonder Pore Freshner (Toner)
Wonder Pore Corrector 
Wonder Pore White Clay Clear (For pore absorbing) – 10g

Evenly spread a thick layer of Wonder Pore White Clay Clear onto dry face, avoid eye and lip area. Rinse off with lukewarm water after 15~20 minutes.
This Pore Clay is incredibly gentle, but so gentle that it doesn't really do anything at all. It's super smooth and easy to apply (although you do need to use quite a lot of it) it dries really fast, but doesn't feel tight. I didn't feel or see any difference in my skin before and after using this product.
Wonder Pore Freshener (For pore cleansing) – 25ml
After morning/evening cleansing, dispense a certain amount onto a cotton pad and gently wipe from inner to outer areas of the face. Gently pat to absorb.

I actually quite liked this toner, it made my skin feel very soft and not at all tight like some highly alcoholic toners can be. I also really like that you can turn it into a face mist too, I think that's quite cute!

Wonder Pore Corrector (For pore correcting) – 5ml
At the last stage of basic skin care, dispense a small amount and absorb into areas that need special care.
This is quite an interesting product. It looks like a gel, but feels very watery when you touch it. It has a strong alcoholic smell when it's on the skin which makes my eyes water a lot, but the smell dissipates when the product is absorbed. I found that this product made my skin look and feel really dry (even though I have oily skin).
Would I Purchase This Product?
I would purchase the Wonder Pore Freshener, but not the Clay or the Corrector. The Pore Freshener (toner) worked really well for my skin and is relatively inexpensive. Both the Clay and the Corrector didn't work very well with my skin so I will pass on both of those!

Have you tried the infamous Wonder Pore range from Etude House?


  1. Great post! Im so glad you wrote about these products as I wanted to buy them but from what you have said, it might not be a good idea at least for me. My pores are quite stubborn and I alcoholic products irritate my skin a lot! :S x


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